Mother Nature Is Just Messing With Us Now

After weeks of frigid cold, of ice dams forming on our roofs, of high winds that cut right through you, and of piles upon piles of snow, we finally got some relief.  That’s right, we went above freezing.  True, it still was in the low 30’s, but the temperature and sun were a good combination.  I was actually able to walk outside without a hat and gloves.  The ice dams on the roof began to melt.  They are still there, but they’ve diminished somewhat.  I was also able to go onto our slippery ice rink of a driveway and chop off a good portion of the ice.  A few more days of this and we should be recovered nicely.


Oh, wait.  Tomorrow’s high is in single digits again.

At this point, I’m convinced that Mother Nature isn’t a kindly lady.  She’s a real b… er, piece of work.  She’s tormented us all winter long with piles of snow and frigid cold.  We’ve almost gotten used to it so she gave us one day to help us to remember what warmth is.  Just one day.  Then she’s yanking it away to give us more bitter cold.

I keep looking in the long term forecast and seeing 30’s and 40’s just one week ahead.  It seems close, but just out of reach.  Still, it gives me hope that we’ll warm up soon.  Then, as the days pass, those warm temperatures get replaced by much colder ones.


At this point, I’ll take any sign that spring is on it’s way.


Wait, the Passover aisles are being stocked in the supermarkets already?!!!  Any sign but that one!