It’s The Geekend!

Today marks the start of a few days worth of events that fill my geeky heart with anticipation.

Friday – Avenging and Toons

Starting today, Avengers: Age of Ultron is released in theaters. My boys and I are big superhero fans. Specifically, we’ve loved every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. (Nitpick: With TV offerings like Agents of SHIELD, Peggy Carter, and Daredevil joining the MCU, can it really be called “cinematic” anymore?)

Also today, our cord cutting lifestyle is going to get a lot better. Cartoon Network is releasing a lot of their shows on Hulu. I look forward to watching Adventure Time and other fun shows with my boys.

Saturday – Comics For Free

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. My boys and I look forward to this every year. We take a trip to our local comic book shop and walk out with a bunch of comic books completely free. Geek is great, but Free Geek can’t be beat! (We may or may not buy a comic book or two while there.)

Sunday – Play More Games?

Honestly, Sunday doesn’t have many geeky activities planned. Perhaps we’ll fill this gap with some tabletop gaming. Munchkin or Pandemic would be a great geeky addition to the Geekend.

Monday – Star Wars Day

The Geekend extends to Monday with Star Wars Day on May 4th. As in “May the Fourth Be With You.” While we don’t have anything specific planned, maybe we’ll indulge in some Star Wars related activities after work/school.

How are you celebrating the Geekend?

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