Weight Loss Progress

Back in December, I looked at the scale and didn’t like what I saw.  My weight had not only crept above the dreaded 200 mark, but was all but at 210.  I had worked very hard a few years back to lower my weight from 255 to 185.  Over the years, some weight would come back on and I would respond by tightening the reins on what I ate.  Not so much dieting (which can be bad for you) but watching what I was eating (sometimes by keeping a food journal) and making a conscious attempt to eat healthier.  I am determined to never again weigh as much as I used to.  When NHL gets tired, I’ll sometimes still carry him, but since he weighs over 47 pounds now, I can’t carry him for long.  Inevitably, as I put him down, I think to myself: "And I was carrying this (and more) around every single day?!!!"

So when I saw my weight creep back again, I became determined to return to 185.  My first attempt involved WiiFit.  At first, I liked the workouts and they seemed to be working, but the pounds weren’t dropping off too fast.  So I went back to my reliable "Weight Watchers-esque" method.  I kept a food journal and tracked how much of everything I ate.  I limited my intake of food and the pounds starting falling off.  I’m not going to hit my goal of 185, but I did end up at the not-too-shabby weight of 187.  I can live with those extra two pounds at Disney World.

At Disney World, I’ll be eating a lot of high calorie food including all-you-can-eat buffets which are like kryptonite to my weight loss efforts.  On the other hand, I’ll be walking.  A lot.  In high 80’s – low 90’s.  That should help shed some pounds.  It will be interesting to see whether the walking wins out (leading to weight loss), eating wins out (leading to weight gain), or whether they cancel each other out (leading to no change in weight).  Even if I gain some weight, I’m alright with it.  I’ll go back on my weight loss plan (adding in, perhaps EA SPORTS Active) once I get back.

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