Kids Fun Summer Expo and Tech Valley Blogger Tweetup

Last night, B and I dropped the kids off at her parents’ house and had a night out.  We attended the Tech Valley Blogger Tweetup where we heard various people talking about social media.  It was quite an interesting and informative night.  (More on that later, either from me or B.)

That’s not the only event we’re attending this week, though.  This Saturday, April 16, 2011, will be the Kids Fun Summer Expo.  There we will be able to meet up with local and out of state representatives of various camps and schools.  There will also be fun activities for the kids including a bounce castle, characters (clowns, Smile Monster, etc).

If you see me there, say hi.  (Perhaps I’ll bring my giant Zazzle button to make me easier to spot in the crowds.)