The Charleston Trip, Part 2: Wandering the Grounds

In Part 1 of my story, I got to Charleston safe and sound, but an hour later than scheduled.  This delay meant that the rest of the wedding party had departed for my friend’s property.  I was left alone at The Inn at Middleton Place.

My first take was to check into my room.  They needed to give me a new room since my first one was still being cleaned.  Otherwise, check-in went smoothly.  Soon, I was settled into my room.

My friend, his fiance, and everyone else weren’t going to back for a few hours, so I decided to wander the property.  I quickly found out that Middleton Place is a photographer’s dream.  From the spanish moss, to the wildlife, to the thousand year old Oak trees, to the Ashley river, to… well, you get the point.  By the end of my self-tour, I had learned quite a bit about the history behind Middleton Place and had walked quite a few miles (or at least it felt like that).  Here are some (ok, MANY) photos from my walk-about: 

Coming up next, we get creepy with a ghost walk and an unexpected visitor!