An extremely scary weekend

We just had a scary weekend.  We were at B’s parents house Saturday night celebrating Chanukah a night early.  Gifts were opened, kids were excited, a meal was eaten – so far, so good.  Then – before dessert was served – we took some more time to play with the kids.  JSL went chasing after B’s father and slipped on the kitchen floor (he was in his socks which apparently didn’t have enough traction).  He landed right on the back of his head.

B’s father brought him right to me as he screamed.  He’s hit his head quite a few times, so we first thought nothing of it and proceeded with dessert to try to distract him from the fall.  During dessert, he refused a chocolate covered pretzel.  (JSL refuse chocolate?  Something *must* be wrong!)  Then we noticed that he was extremely pale, started shaking, and was glassy eyed.  We called 911 with visions of his febrile seizure running through our heads.

The paramedics came and checked him out.  During the checkout, he didn’t complain at all.  (Another non-JSL-like reaction.)  They decided to take him to the hospital.  B ran to get his stuff.  Of course, they were coming in from the snowy outdoors and B didn’t notice the water they brought in.  She slid and jammed her finger and arm.

We headed to the hospital, B in the ambulance and me in the car.  NHL stayed with B’s parents.  I heard him complaining to them that he couldn’t sleep there tonight because he didn’t have his "buddies." I followed the ambulance across some pretty treacherous roads (unplowed narrow city roads with cars on both sides).

Finally, we got to the hospital.  I had to wait 10 minutes for them to get checked in so I could see B and JSL.  (Technically, I was a visitor since B was the one who came in with him.)  When I walked in, JSL seemed a bit better.  He actually requested his binky – something he hadn’t done the past hour.  (Another *HUGE* non-JSL behavior.  He’s a binky addict.)  He also walked around the ER, taking off away from me to see something that interested him.

They determined that he had a concussion and possibly a mini-seizure from the fall.  They told us to wake him up a few times during that night and the next one and take him in to see the doctor on Monday.  (B’s actually taking him tomorrow due to the weather.)  I’m hoping for a boring week this week.