Happy 40th Birthday To My Angel!

27debbb6-ab51-4241-8b6c-771318b72718Today is a very special occasion: My wonderful wife’s birthday. It’s not just any birthday, though. Today, she turns the big 4-0.

Though she might not be in her thirties anymore, she’s just as beautiful as the day I met her. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She’s a fantastic wife to me and mother to NHL and JSL. Whenever we need her, she’s there for us. If our kids need anything taken care of at school, she’s ready to fight for them. She ensures that everyone takes their medicine, takes care of us when we are sick, and puts up with the boys and me geeking out.

Happy Birthday, B. I love you with all of my heart!

Anniversary Fifteen

WeddingAlmost seventeen years ago, I met this wonderful woman online. I knew right from the start that there was something special about her.  A month after our first online meeting, we meet in person for the first time. To say that our date went well would be an understatement. When it came time to leave, we found it difficult to part from each other. I never wanted to leave her side.  Fifteen years ago today, I married this wonderful woman.

Fifteen years have passed and many things have changed. We’ve had to shoulder many adult responsibilities, have had two amazing children, had stresses and joys, and – yes – have grown older. One thing hasn’t changed, though. I always want to be with this wonderful woman. I still love being at her side. I want to do all I can to make her as happy as she’s made me.

Happy anniversary to the most amazing woman in the world!

Happy Birthday To B!


Today is the birthday of the most beautiful woman on the planet.  Of course, I’m talking about B.  She’s not only beautiful, but intelligent, caring, and willing to stand up for what she believes in.  She’s taken up the fight to help our boys reach their potential.  She doesn’t back down when things go wrong.  If anything, it drives her to fight harder until she gets what she wants.

She can also be a very patient person.  She has to be when dealing with me.  I try my best, but I have my share of flaws.  More than my fair share, likely.  Between me, NHL’s pre-teen attitude forming, and JSL, B deals with quite a lot.  However, I don’t know how I could do all that I do without her support.  I love her with all of my heart.

Happy birthday to a great friend, amazing mother, and wonderful wife.  I love you, B!

Happy Anniversary To My Wonderful Wife

WeddingDancingFourteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle and became the luckiest man in the world because B & I were married.  I thought our lives couldn’t get any better, but then along came NHL and then JSL.  Over the years, we’ve had high times and lows.  Excitement both of the good and bad kind.  Scares and joyful moments.  Through it all, B is the rock I’ve clung to.  Every time I think I can’t take one more thing that life has thrown my way, B is there to provide support.  I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her.  I couldn’t do half of the stuff I do without knowing that she’s there for me.  Whenever I think that I can’t love B any more, I find that I was wrong – I can and do love her more each and every day.

Happy anniversary, B!

Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Wife

version2_chocolate_birthday_cakePlease join me in wishing Happy Birthday to B, aka TheAngelForever, aka my wonderful wife and mother of our children.  Yes, today is her birthday.  The celebrations will include an oven delivery and a possible event to attend for NHL (if the weather doesn’t get so bad that it is cancelled).   Seriously, she has bad luck with birthday scheduling.  It seems like something always hits right on her birthday.  One year, I’d love it if she could sleep late (not rush to get the kids ready for and then off to school), spend the day doing anything she wanted to do, and be able to go out to eat where ever she decided to go to.  We’ll celebrate her birthday another day, but it won’t be the same.

I’m so happy that B is in my life.  She’s a wonderful wife to me and a fantastic mother our kids.  She takes care of so much both around the house and in our lives.  She fights to ensure that our kids have a good education, makes sure all of our bills are paid on time (I *may* have missed a few due dates when I was in charge of them), steps in when NHL and I are butting heads, and not only puts up with the high level of geekery in our house, but even participates in it.  I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Happy Birthday, B!

NOTE: The "Chocolate Birthday Cake" image above is by version2 and is available from OpenClipArt.org.

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