Our Week In Disney World – Part II – Dreams Come True

When I left off last, we had just arrived at our hotel.  After a quick lunch, picking up our rented double-stroller (rented from Orlando Stroller Rentals, waiting for us at our hotel) and stopping by our room quickly to drop bags off, we headed to the Magic Kingdom.  We didn’t have much time, as we had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey, but we figured we could spend an hour or so walking through the park.  We split up from B’s parents and, after a quick stop to get NHL & JSL’s "1st Time" badges and JSL’s Birthday badge, we walked down Main Street.

We got our first Photo Pass photo taken of all of us (with the kids in the stroller) in front of Cinderella’s Castle.  After taking a photo of all of us, the photographer had NHL cup his hands and look surprised.  NHL complied without asking why.  As we walked away, I let him know that, when we saw the photos online later, Tinkerbell would magically appear in his hands.  This made him quite happy.

We noticed a group of people gathering in front of the castle and stopped to see what was up.  A show was about to start and, as we had some time but not enough to wait on line for rides, we decided to watch the show.  In the Dreams Come True show, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy starred.  Donald thought that no one believed in dreams anymore.  In an effort to prove him wrong, Mickey and his gang had the audience chant "Dreams Come True."  After some fireworks went off around the castle, a few of the Disney Princesses appeared.  Donald and Goofy moved offstage while the Princesses (and their Princes) as well as Mickey and Minnie danced.

Donald and Goofy came back onstage (with Mickey and Minnie leaving).  Goofy said that he always wanted to be a pirate.  On queue, Peter Pan appeared.  Donald got dressed as Captain Hook and Goofy got dressed up as Mr. Smee.  After a short dance number, the real Hook and Smee show up.  Hook attempts to fight Peter pan, but Peter’s too quick for him.  Nevertheless, Hook eventually traps Peter.  Just when things seem grim, Hook gets very nervous at a "Tick-Tock" sound.  No, the croc doesn’t make an appearance, but a clock prop does that the characters toss between themselves frightening Hook away.

Just then, though, Malificent appears.  She declares that she’s going to make nightmares come true instead of dreams.  Everyone onstage prepares to flee, but Donald stands up to her insisting that "Dreams come true!"  Mickey and Donald get the audience to chant it (which NHL dutifully shouted out) and Malificent is defeated.  There’s an ending dance, more fireworks, and kids (both actual and of the grown up variety) leave highly entertained.

When the show was done, we noticed that it was time to meet up with B’s parents and head to the contemporary resort.  Below are some photos from our brief stop in the Magic Kingdom.