Our Week In Disney World – Part III – Mickey the Chef

After the Magic Kingdom, we headed over to the Contemporary Resort for our first Disney Dinner: Chef Mickey’s.  Since this was going to be not only an all-you-can-eat buffet, but a character dinner also, we planned ahead and bought NHL an autograph book and pen.  Once we got our table, NHL, B, and B’s parents left to get some food while I sat with JSL.  B and NHL quickly returned, however, as Donald was approaching our table.

We wondered beforehand how NHL would handle the characters.  Previously, he’s expressed fear over costumed characters, but we were hopeful that this Disney trip would cure him of that.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be.  At least not this first night.  NHL was willing to say hi to the characters, and have them sign his autograph book, but not to go close to them.  He always kept a wary eye down the aisle to where the characters would be coming from.

NHL, however, didn’t have the worst reaction that night.  That honor belonged to JSL.  The minute he saw Donald Duck, he freaked out.  He grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  He didn’t care when Donald left, he still looked around for any other characters that might surface.  He refused to eat, even cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza and macaroni and cheese – four of his all-time favorite dishes.  He even refused the birthday cupcake that they brought out.  Eventually, JSL fell asleep.

The meal itself was phenomenal.  The Mickey-shaped raviolis were great as were the salmon and vegetables.  The desserts were spectacular as well.  After eating, we went window shopping in the stores there.  That’s when I found my first must-have.  A small Stitch figure dressed up like Yoda.  As a Star Wars buff as well as a Lilo & Stitch fan, I knew that I was just *going* to have to buy it.

We didn’t actually buy anything at that moment, but we got a few ideas for later.  As we were quite tired, we went back to our room.  The boys were extremely overtired and ran wild between the two rooms.  (We got connecting rooms to increase the space they could run in.)  As they ran wild, the stress of the day took its toll on us as well.  B searched for the phone charger cord and we got into an argument as to whether it was really packed or not.  Clearly, we were all in need of some sleep.  We got the boys to sleep then settled down ourselves for some much earned rest.