Staying Snug In the Freezing Fall

I’m going to have to face facts.  Summer is over.  Those sweltering days and warm nights have already been replaced with near-freezing mornings, cold days, and nights that turn toes numb.  So how does one stay toasty warm without raising your thermostat (and thus your heating bill) through the roof?

Last year, I would wrap myself in a blanket on the couch while working on my laptop, but this had many problems.  First of all, I could get all snug in the blanket, but then I couldn’t type.  If I pulled my arms out to type, my shoulders, arms and neck became exposed to the cold air.  Secondly, the blanket never seemed long enough to cover my feet properly.  Lastly, the blanket would never quite cover my back, allowing cold air to work it’s way behind me, freezing me out.

I have heard of the Slanket before, but initially dismissed it.  At first, I thought "Why not just use a robe facing backwards or use a regular blanket?"  Well, after trying it out for the first time, I had my answer.  A Slanket is much longer than a robe and while it might seem thinner, the material it is made of is designed for maximum warmth.  It’s so warm, in fact, that I needed to push part of it off of me from time to time as I got too warm!

As far as Slanket versus my previous blanket solution, the Slanket covered my entire arms, shoulders, and neck easily while allowing me to use my laptop (or operate the TV remote).  Cold air was easily thwarted there.  The Slanket is also long.  Extremely long.  So chances are, the Slanket will not only cover your feet, but wrap around them giving you double-Slanket foot protection.  It was so long, in fact, that I was able to stay covered on the couch while JSL used the bottom of the Slanket as a blanket.

Obviously, the Slanket has sleeves so arms are fully covered.  In fact, arms are extra covered.  The sleeves are so long, I was able to stick my head inside one of them.  While you might think that this would mean open sleeve ends letting cold air in, the sleeves tend to collapse on themselves.  The extra fabric adds to the general warmth of the Slanket.

Finally, the back.  The Slanket is quite wide.  It was wide enough to either cover my sides or to wrap around me.  Either method was sufficient to prevent cold air from seeping in.  My back was quite warm thanks to the Slanket.

Overall, I love my Slanket.  Thanks to it, I’m feeling a little less dread about the upcoming freezing winter weather.

Disclaimer: I received a free Slanket to review.  This did not change my opinion of the Slanket, however.  All of the opinions expressed above are my own.