Sid The Science Kid Talkin’ Sid Review

During the giveaway I ran, I promised that I’d soon be reviewing the Talkin’ Sid The Science Kid plush as soon as I received it.  Well, it took a little longer than expected, mainly due to Chanukah swamping my kids with new toys.  They went into overload mode and I knew I wouldn’t get a good opinion out of them right then and there.  So I waited for the toy high to die down and then had them play with Talkin’ Sid.

JSL took to him instantly.  NHL is the one who watches the show, I think JSL’s still a bit too young to really appreciate it, but JSL still loved pushing Sid’s belly to hear him talk.  Thankfully, making Sid talk is very easy.  Too many talking toys have hard to find sweet spots that seem more designed for adult sized hands than tiny kid hands.  JSL was able to get Sid talking over and over again though.  He didn’t want to give Sid up.

NHL was amazed by Sid and started playing with him from the start.  He even asked to add Sid to the collection of plush animals on his bed, but we said no.  We were too worried that he might roll over and wake himself or JSL up with "SCIENCE KID IN THE HOOOOOOUSE!"  NHL also liked that Sid’s head would bob a bit.  The neck is strong enough to hold Sid’s head up but will flex to let the child make Sid look up or down.  Science Kids need to keep observing all around, right?  NHL called Sid a "bobblehead" (a term he learned from my BuddytV/Heroes prize), but Sid’s neck isn’t *that* flexible.

Now, I promised that NHL and JSL would also review Talkin’ Sid so I’ll end with their takes on Sid.  First, NHL:


And now JSL:



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