Our Week In Disney World – Part 11 – Winding Down Disney

Alas, all good things must come to an end and so we found ourselves on our last day at Disney World. After a quick breakfast at Pop Century, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for the last time. The boys quickly found Pluto and took their picture with him. JSL, though wanting to hold my hand, wasn’t completely terrified of the character anymore. Progress!

P1170103.JPG P1170106.JPG

After this, we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride that we intended to go on the previous day. Both NHL and JSL liked seeing Pooh, Tigger and company through the various stories.

P1170126.JPG P1170128.JPG

Next, B went to get us boarding passes for our flight the next day while I took the boys on Dumbo. Before she left, I realized something. I left my cell phone at the hotel room! I said we’d meet back near Dumbo. She mentioned that there was a playground right near and the boys could go on that. Then she left.

NHL and JSL loved the Dumbo ride. We were able to see the park pretty well from high up. After we landed, I took a photo of the boys by a Dumbo topiary and then in an animal cage.

P1170138.JPG P1170152.JPG
P1170154.JPG P1170160.JPG
P1170163.JPG P1170167.JPG
P1170171.JPG P1170173.JPG

Seeing a line to meet Ariel and knowing he hadn’t gotten her autograph, NHL asked to get on line. We waited while I watched for B. As we neared Ariel, I finally saw her. NHL suddenly proclaimed that he didn’t want to wait on line. No amount of coaxing could convince him and he bolted from the line. All that waiting had been for naught!

We made our way over to Pirates of the Carribean where JSL repeated his Haunted Mansion performance. He was frightened of the ride and fell asleep on my shoulder! Poor little guy. Oh, also around this time I found my cell phone. It was hidden in the bottom of my pocket the whole time! Troublesome little device.


After a quick lunch at The Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant, we headed for Splash Mountain. NHL and I went on the ride where we learned all about Brer Rabbit and his attempts to avoid Brer Fox and Brer Bear. After we went on, B child swapped with me so NHL could go on a second time. See them in the back?

P1170211.JPG P1170213.JPG

Since JSL was up, we headed back to Toontown so NHL and JSL could see Mickey and Minnie’s houses. We waited in the judges tent to get a photo with Mickey, but got tired of waiting in the heat, realized how late it was and decided to leave.

P1170223.JPG P1170227.JPG
P1170232.JPG P1170233.JPG

We did have time for one more ride, so we all piled into the Teacups and took those for a whirl. After our quick spin, we spotted the White Rabbit with a tiny line. As we got on line, we were told that we were the last ones. Not only was that a stroke of luck, but JSL didn’t even demand to hold my hand this time. I was actually able to walk all the way out of the shot! Huzzah!

P1170262.JPG P1170270.JPG

We made our way out of the Magic Kingdom from shop to shop (avoiding a parade in progress) and hopped on the Monorail to Epcot. Once there, we made our way past some topiaries (surprise surprise) to Le Cellier.

P1170301.JPG P1170311.JPG
P1170313.JPG P1170315.JPG
P1170316.JPG P1170318.JPG
P1170319.JPG P1170320.JPG
P1170321.JPG P1170322.JPG
P1170324.JPG P1170327.JPG
P1170331.JPG P1170336.JPG

P1170337.JPG P1170338.JPG
P1170340.JPG P1170342.JPG

While we waited for our food, JSL proved that he can be quite the Camera Clown.

P1170361.JPG P1170362.JPG
P1170363.JPG P1170364.JPG

Then we ate our food. Notice my dessert. Chocolate moose! YUM!

P1170366.JPG P1170367.JPG
P1170368.JPG P1170373.JPG

As we wandered around Epcot, we stumbled upon a treasure. A place to get your picture taken with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy. Not only this, but it was indoors (and thus air conditioned) and had TVs playing old Disney cartoons. Score! Waiting on this line was a breeze and soon we had the photos we so desired. NHL even ran up to hug Goofy. The boys were quite happy.

P1170381.JPG P1170382.JPG
P1170385.JPG P1170390.JPG

And with that, we bid Epcot adieu. We got on the bus back to Pop Century. We weren’t completely finished, however. Our dining plan still had 4 snacks on it and we couldn’t let those go to waste. So we bought 2 Mickey Ice Cream Bars for the boys to eat right there and 2 Mickey marshmallow crispy bars for them to eat when we got home.

P1170435.JPG P1170449.JPG

And thus our Disney time wound down to a close.

The next day, we took a relatively uneventful (except for some frightening turbulence as we landed) flight home and let the boys tear into their Mickey marshmallow crispy bars.

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