#DisneySMMoms 2010 – A Not-So-Impossible-Dinner (Day 5, Part 2)

We arrived back at Epcot after our day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and made our way to the Disney Social Media Moms dinner. Eventually, we came upon one of the entrances to the gated off area. Of course, we were early and couldn’t enter right away.

I was getting nervous, because we could feel the temperature dropping and the dinner was scheduled to be outside. I was both relieved and troubled when I saw a tweet come through that someone got a seat by a heat lamp. Relieved because Disney had obviously taken steps to protect us from the cold. Troubled because the tweet implied that others were being let in while we were still being kept out. Finally, we were allowed in and we made our way to a table right next to a heat lamp. Score!

The tables all had cool Disney Volunteer themes to them complete with “nutritional labels.”

P1240585.JPG P1240586.JPG
P1240587.JPG P1240528.JPG

After a short wait, it was time to eat. There was a lot of food and plenty for a non-meat eater such as myself. You’ll forgive me if I’ve forgotten some of the dish names in the ensuing months, but rest assured that it all tasted great. In our haste to sample all the wonderful food, we neglected to take photos of much of it. Here are some photos that we did take.

P1240530.JPG P1240531.JPG
P1240532.JPG P1240529.JPG

After the meal came dessert, of course, and Disney didn’t disappoint. It all was so good, especially the warm brownie tort! Sorry, B

P1240536.JPG P1240537.JPG
P1240539.JPG P1240535.JPG

After we were done with dessert, Robert Irvine came out to talk about the Dinner Impossible challenge he had just completed and the Disney volunteers (who the dinner was really about). I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed when, months later upon watching the Dinner Impossible episode, I learned that our food wasn’t really from Robert. Still, given what he made, I think I preferred what Disney offered more.

P1240565.JPG P1240555.JPG

All during dinner and dessert, we had some lovely converation. Besides sitting with Christina (from CutestKidEver), her husband Tom and TJ, we also got to meet Katie from Katie’s Nesting Spot.


After Robert made his exit, we were treated to a mini-concert by Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato.


It was late at this point, though, and both boys were exhausted so we headed back to our hotel room. Of course, this is when we ran into DaddyDigest only to have JSL hurt his arm by sticking it into some metal poles. Luckily, this injury wasn’t bad and we were able to go right to our hotel for some much-needed sleep.

P1240599.JPG P1240601.JPG