Happy Chanukah To Everyone But Yahoo!

This time of year, I get used to people saying “Merry Christmas” and just assuming that everyone celebrates that particular holiday.  I also get used to the Chanukah aisle being an afterthought in many stores while Christmas takes over practically the rest of the store from before Halloween until New Year’s Day.  Still, I was not prepared when I signed into Yahoo Mail and saw this:


P1010822According to Yahoo, there are no events from Wednesday, December 1st through Friday December 24th.  Nothing of note happening there.  Of course, the 25th is Christmas and the 26th is when Kwanzaa starts.  Do you see something missing?  Something which just began tonight?  Yes, Yahoo has completely omitted Chanukah!

I’m not expecting a full listing of all the days.  I wouldn’t even raise a fuss if they listed Chanukah as starting tomorrow.  But to leave it out completely?  To act as though Chanukah doesn’t exist?  Not cool, Yahoo!  Not cool.  No gelt for you!

To everyone else: If you celebrate Chanukah, then have a happy and a healthy Chanukah.  If you don’t, feel free to eat the traditional Chanukah foods anyway: Potato Latkes and Jelly Donuts.  And remember, gambling is a big Chanukah tradition.  (Spinning the dreidel for coins, M&M’s or peanuts.)  Gambling and eating fried foods?  Now *that’s* a holiday!