Disney World Characters and Autographs

I originally intended this to be a Wordless Wednesday, but I figured I should give an introductory paragraph or two.  We’ve taken the boys to Disney World twice over the past couple of years.  On the first trip, we bought them an autograph book and pen.  Then, every character we met, we got their autographs.  Here are photos of my boys with the characters they met and got autographs from in the order that they met them.  (Not pictured are characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sully or Mike Wazowski who don’t sign autographs.)  Their book currently has room for 12 more autographs.  Whose shall we get this time?

How many characters can you name?

P1150076 P1150046 P1150031 P1150063 P1150069 P1160072 Image106 P1160224 P1170044 P1170045 P1170050 P1170059 P1170274 P1220652 P1220803 P1220806 P1220811 P1220835 P1220841 P1220910 P1220915 P1230162 P1230198 P1230304 P1230308 P1230315 P1230324 P1230333 P1230338 P1230456 P1240136 P1240288 P1240373 P1240718 P1240722 P1240729 P1240732