Disney World Vacation 2011: Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Mickey and Friends #DisneySMMoms

B quite nicely explained our arrival in Disney World for the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.  As we checked in to our room and made our way around the hotel and parks, NHL and JSL began noticing things they hadn’t noticed before: Mickey Mouse. 


No, not that Mickey.  I’m talking about the more hidden variety.  Like on the floors of the hotel in the tiles.


Of course, Mickey wasn’t alone there.  His friends Pluto, Donald, Minnie and Goofy joined him.

IMGP2966 IMGP2967 IMGP2968 IMGP2969

In the room, the boys noticed a Mickey hidden (not so subtly) in our towels.


They also spotted his face in a lamp.  (Again, this one was pretty obvious.)

IMGP2986 IMGP2985

Then, JSL made a discovery.  There was a second Mickey on the desk.  Not on the lamp, but hidden in the woodwork.


Later on, we discovered that the tiles by the elevator held a certain fairy.


I’d like an extra large order of pixie dust, please.

When it was time for us to join B for dinner (after her Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons Platinum Soiree), we spotted a few more Mickey-and-Friends in the rug.

IMGP3098 IMGP3099 IMGP3100 IMGP3101 IMGP3102

We also noticed, in the Grand Floridian’s lobby, Chip, Mrs. Potts and a certain magical rose.

IMGP3112 IMGP3113 IMGP3114

Our final Hidden Mickey of the night, though, was the proudest one.  NHL and JSL looked at the floor and declared “Mickey!”  Sure enough, there was a Mickey hidden in the pattern.


A family saw me taking this taking this photo and wondered why I was taking a photo of the floor.  Then, they saw the Mickey.  As we walked along the same path for awhile, their daughter kept pointing out Mickey’s appearance in every tile.  I’d like to think we transferred a bit of Hidden Mickey Fever to her.  (The only cure: More Mickey Mouse!)

Of course, that night the boys got to see the real Mickey Mouse along with Minnie, Goofy and Pluto:

IMGP3158 IMGP3164 IMGP3184 IMGP3188

Oh yes, and I also got this dessert, despite the fact that I had a full plate, because of Minnie’s appearance on it.

IMGP3177 IMGP3173