From Way Up Here, It’s Crystal Clear

Hi, TechyDad is not here at this time.  He is off to Disney World.  Don’t worry, though.  He has scheduled a bunch of posts to go live and will likely write some more during the nights after the kids are asleep.  In fact, this is one of the posts that he is scheduling.  While he is doing so, he is wondering just how long he can keep referring to himself in the third person.

Ok, I think that’s long enough.  At the point that this post goes live, my family and I should be high above the clouds.  We’ll be trying to keep the boys entertained on the aircraft (most likely with varying degrees of success) while we get closer and closer to Disney World.  Hopefully, the boys don’t utter too many “Are we there yets.”

In fact, considering that we’ll likely have to wake them up at 5am, if not earlier, to get to the airport on time, I hope that they’ll be asleep for part of that trip.  I’d love to be asleep myself for part of it too.  Somehow I doubt either of those will happen.

Stay tuned because I might be posting pictures from our trip during the nighttime.  At some point, we might not have Internet access, though.  I considered getting guest posters for this period of time, but other matters came up and I never set this up.  So if my blog goes dark for awhile, don’t worry.  I’ll be back shortly with much Disney goodness to share.

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