The Matzah Payoff

The past couple of days has been spent deep in cleaning mode.  I cleaned off our kitchen counters, cleaned the stovetop, cleaned the oven, cleaned the sink, cleaned the fridge, cleaned the freezer, cleaned the microwave… Well, you get the idea.  With all of the cleaning done and all of the non-Kosher-For-Passover items away, it was finally time to start the Seder.

I’d report on how the Seder went, except it hasn’t happened yet as I write this.  You see, as with any Jewish holiday, I stay offline during the celebration.  Thus, this post had to be scheduled pre-Passover.  If this year’s Seder goes according to plan, we’ll have a blast with B’s family, eat lots of food, drink some wine (well, some of us will) and generally enjoy the night.  I might even have some photos to share later.

To my Jewish readers, I wish you a Happy Passover.  To my non-Jewish readers, I hope you have a few happy matzah-free days.