Dinosaur Train Toys Review and Giveaway

My boys love the Dinosaur Train television show on PBS by The Jim Henson Company.  They also love playing with toys.  So when I was given the opportunity to review three Dinosaur Train toys from Uncle Milton’s Toys, I was excited.  When I saw that the toys had educational value, I jumped at the opportunity.

Dinosaur Poop

Let’s be honest.  Tell any kid that you’re going to let them play with poop at the table, and they’ll look at you funny.  But once you take out this product, they’ll be crying for you to open that package quicker.


Of course, the contents are not really poop, but a brown dough-like substance.  They come inside of a storage container to keep the “poop” fresh between uses and some pieces of the dinosaur’s most recent meal.


In the case of a carnivore, these pieces are 2 fish skeletons.  In the case of a herbivore, 2 plants.  An omnivore has one fish and one plant.  The pieces can be put together like a puzzle for even more fun.

IMGP7978 IMGP7981 IMGP7999 IMGP8001

Once all the pieces have been found, you can flatten the poop and press the fish skeleton or plant into it to form a fossil impression.

IMGP8006 IMGP8007

You can also get more creative and form poop sculptures.


Of course, this toy can also lead to interesting statements from parents such as “Who wants to play with poop?” or “Keep that poop on the table and not on the floor!”


How would your child like to grow his or her own dinosaur?  Hatchers lets your child do just this.  Each package contains an egg.

IMGP8025 IMGP9606

Drop the egg into a glass of water and out hatches a dinosaur.


Ok, not immediately.  This is the tough part.  The hatching takes about two days.  So children get to learn a lesson in patience.

IMGP9618 IMGP9619IMGP9620 IMGP9621
IMGP9624 IMGP9625
IMGP9628 IMGP9629
IMGP9644 IMGP9645

Dino Track Discovery Pack

My boys love games.  So it was only natural that they loved playing with the Dino Tracks.  Each package comes with three trails.  Each card contains a dinosaur footprint on one side and some dinosaur facts on the other.  There are also two “egg” cards with suggested games such as follow the trail or try to jump the space of one dinosaur stride.  (As you can see, one T-Rex step is just a little bit shorter than JSL on top of NHL.)

IMGP9652 IMGP9654 IMGP9659 IMGP9664


Thanks to Uncle Milton Toys, one lucky winner will receive a Dinosaur Train prize pack which includes two packages of Dinosaur Poop and two Dinosaur Train Hatchers. To enter, simply leave a comment below answering this question: What is your favorite dinosaur?

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Disclaimer: The products were provided for this review by Uncle Milton.  The opinions expressed above are my own.