Across Two Playgrounds and Blue Buds

On Sunday, with the boys going stir-crazy and driving us just-plain-crazy, I put the boys in the car and headed to a park that we heard had a new spray ground.  The spray ground looked really cool and we’ll have to go back there one day.  For today, though, the boys were content with playing on the drier equipment.


IMGP0575 IMGP0543 IMGP0545 IMGP0549

After picking up B and going to lunch, we decided to head to another park for another quick playtime.  At this park, the boys’ favorite attraction is the hedge maze.

 IMGP0584 IMGP0587 IMGP0591

Of course, they went on normal playground equipment as well.  As usual, NHL went off on his own while JSL insisted that I accompany him.  Thus all of the photos coming up are of JSL.

IMGP0598 IMGP0602

And, just because I like this photo, here are some budding flowers on one of our bushes


What playground features do your kids enjoy the most?

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