Happy Anniversary-Of-When-We-Met To My Angel

Today marks a very special occasion.  (Well, by the time most people read this, it’ll be yesterday, but I’m going to publish this just before midnight so it’ll technically be correct on the day.)  Twelve years ago, on September 12th, I had just come home from Rosh Hashana services.  After being offline for two days, I was ready to spend some time on the computer.  I signed on, figuring I’d waste a couple of hours and then go to sleep.

Little did I realize that, at the same time, B was on her computer.  She had forgotten that she even had a chat window open.  When she noticed it, she glanced at the people in the chat room.  My name must have caught her eye as did the “Nice Jewish guy looking for a nice Jewish girl” tagline that I had added a couple of weeks prior.  She sent me a message.

As we conversed, I knew right away that there was something different about her.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew that something special that made her stand out from other ladies I had met.  Not only did we like many of the same things, but I didn’t feel nervous around her at all.  That was very odd.  I usually would get so nervous that I’d say or do something wrong that I’d freeze up and do nothing.  With B, however, I didn’t worry or freeze up.  Talking to her (and later being around her) just felt natural and right.

Long, late night chats became long, late night phone calls.  This turned into a face-to-face meeting that we couldn’t bear to end.  (We drove my parents, who had accompanied me to the outlet mall but then made themselves scarce, crazy by continuously delaying leaving by “just 5 more minutes.”)  Those all-too-infrequent meetings turned into a marriage proposal (aka squashing bugs) which B accepted.

All because of a forgotten open chat window and an entry into a chat room “just to kill some time.”  Happy Day-We-Met-Online Anniversary, B!