Resolutions For 2012

2012As I was thinking about what I would like to accomplish for 2012, I thought about my "11 goals for 2011".  I think this was partly a failure because I set too many lofty goals.  As the year goes on, life happens and your plans encounter detours.  So I think I’ll make six more generic goals.

Sort My Photos

I love taking photos.  Unfortunately, I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to taking the photos off the camera.  I’ve been sticking them into an "unsorted" folder and putting off filing them.  As I type this out, I have almost 5,000 photos (about 24GB worth) to file.  I want to be better at filing.

Improve FollowerHQ

I launched FollowerHQ last year and though I like it, I’m never fully satisfied.  I’d like to find some ways to improve on it.  I already have some ideas.  I just need to put them into code.

Promote Blog Posts

Currently, my promotion of blog posts involves an automated tweet when the post goes live.  Occasionally, I’ll tweet about it more, but all too often life takes over and I’ll forget.  I need to get into SocialOomph more to schedule tweets.  I also need to remember to post more on my Google+ page.

Cook More

I love cooking.  Sadly, due to many factors, I find myself reduced to making the same quick dishes over and over again.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve relied on the microwave and/or canned foods all too much.  I want to cook from scratch more often and plan out meals again.

Give B More Breaks

B loves the boys and enjoys spending time with them.  However, having to deal with them (and their bickering and love of making loud noises) can wear her down.  She could use more time for herself.  (Either quiet time alone or girls’ nights out.)  I want to make a regular habit of taking the boys out (or keeping them in) so B can enjoy time off from being "mom."

More Date Nights

While B could use more breaks, I could too.  I’ll admit that there are times when I feel like we have so many things to worry about (home issues, boys, etc) that we don’t have time for one another.  I want to find more time for us to go out on date nights.

So there you have it, my resolutions for the coming year.

What resolutions/goals do you have for 2012?

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