Count Down To Disney Social Media Fun

mouse-clockBoth of my boys love counting.  The little guy will count how many toys he has.  The big kid will add, subtract, and multiply numbers to find out what the result is.  Something we all love counting, though, are days until a Disney World trip.

Since we’ll be going to DisneySMMoms this April, we’re counting down the days.  Of course, we need some kind of guide so I devised this calendar to help us out.  I plan on having my boys take turns crossing the days off so they can count down how many days are left until it’s Mickey Time.

Disney Countdown-page-001Disney Countdown-page-002Disney Countdown-page-003

Yes, that is a Disney font for the countdown numbers. Here’s a high quality PDF if you’re going to DisneySMMoms also and need some help counting down the days until Disney Social Media Fun.

How do you have your kids count down to special events?

Disclaimer: The "Mouse Clock" image above is based off of "Clock" from

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