Your Shape Fitness Evolved: Week 2 Diary and Giveaway

IMGP4764_thumb1 This week, I tried out Your Shape Fitness Evolved’s Glutes, Toning, Abs, Arms, and Sports preparation workouts.

On Saturday, I burned 110 calories. First, I worked out my glutes  with some squats and kicks (10 calories).  Next, I moved into pushups to work out my arms and burn 12 more calories.  After this, I worked my abs out with some crunches (8 calories).  Then, it was time for some toning.  I had no weights, so I just ran through the motions.  Still, I burned 16 calories.

So far, it seemed like an easy workout.  Then came Sports Preparation: Football Basic Preparation.  Instead of 2 groupings of 3 workouts, I had to run through 6 sessions of 3 workouts!  At the end, I had burned 64 calories.  Yes, this one selection burned more calories than all of the other workouts combined.

P1070372On Tuesday, I decided to keep better track of the names of the workouts.  First up was Arms 100% (B).  This entailed two reps each of Knee push ups, slow mountain climbs, and triceps knee pushups and burned 25 calories.  Next was Abs 100% (B).  This put me through two reps of slow mountain climbs, up & down planks, and fast mountain climbs.  I burned 13 calories and learned a valuable lesson.  Don’t do Abs right after Arms. Ow, my back!

Up next was Toning: Build Strength (B).  This burned 18 calories by working me through 4 reps of bicep combo lunges and 2 reps of dumbbell squats.  Then came Glutes: 100% (B) and 21 more calories were burned.  This had me perform 4 reps of dumbbell knee-up side-kicks and 2 reps of dumbbell squats.

P1070377Then it was time for Sports Preparation.  This time I selected Soccer Basic Preparation.  I burned 55 calories by running through two reps each of power jogging, dynamic leg curls, knee-up punches, dumbbell step squats, curtsy lunge raises, balance skating, jumping jack punches, plyo leg curls, and jab knee-ups.  If that seems like a lot of exercises, it was!  All totaled, I burned 132 calories this day.

Finally, on Wednesday, I burned 219 calories.  How did I exceed my calories burned from the two previous days?  Well, first I ran through Glutes: 100% (C).  This burned 19 calories with 2 reps of braced squats, dumbbell sumo squats, and lunges.  Then, I worked on Arms: 100% (C).  This 38 calories burning workout consisted of 2 reps of Push ups, fast mountain climbs, and triceps knee push-ups.  Next up was Toning: Build Strength (C).  I burned 15 calories with 4 reps of reverse fly lunges and 2 reps of triceps squats.  Next, I tried the Abs: 100% (C) and burned 22 calories with the supported leg stretch, roll up & down, pulse crunch, up & down plank, slow mountain climb, and fast mountain climb.

P1070378If you are counting, you’ll realize this only totals 94 calories.  The other 125 calories came from Sports Preparation: Soccer Cardio & Endurance.  Yes, one hundred twenty five calories!  Instead of the usual 6 sessions of 3 workouts, this had 7 sessions of 3 workouts: Jumping jack punch, triple run punch, front kick punch, slide jump, high knees run, plyo leg curl, power skate, sumo knee lift, x-jog, sprint jump, sumo jump, sprint jump, muscle man twist, dumbbell squat, muscle man twist, single-leg squat, sumo squat, single-leg squat, push-up, up & down plank, and fast mountain climb.  Yes, I was ready to collapse after all of this.


You could win a copy of Your Shape Fitness Evolved.  Simply post a comment to this blog post.  When my five week series is finished, one commenter from across the five posts will win a copy of the game from Ubisoft.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Your Shape Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft and financially compensated for this  Clever Girls Collective, Inc. campaign.  In addition, I was loaned an XBox 360 and Kinect for the duration of the campaign.  The opinions expressed above, however, are my own.