Aloha Friday: Lack of Caffeine

Morning GiraffeEvery morning, people around the world stumble out of bed and reach for that first cup of coffee.  Many folks can’t make it through the day without it.  I’ll admit that there are plenty of mornings when I can hardly drag myself out of bed.  I’d love to grab a cup of coffee to help me wake up, but I don’t.

For some reason, I just never got into drinking coffee.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.  I’ve tried tea and, while I like it, the caffeine in it just doesn’t help wake me up at all.  (I usually reserve tea for days when I’m sick.  Tea + Honey = Soothed Sore Throat.)

Part of me feels like I’m missing out on a part of geek culture.  After all, ThinkGeek has a whole section of their site devoted to all things caffeinated.  I just don’t desire coffee though.  Besides, not drinking coffee means that I have an excuse to nap.  (Not that I get to *use* the excuse often, but the excuse is there.)

My Aloha Friday question for today is: Do you drink coffee?

BTW, the photo above is dedicated to Anissa Mayhew who I’ve often seen posting about caffeine in the morning.  If I ever get the chance to meet Anissa in person, I’m buying her a big cup of coffee!

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Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the linky there if you are participating.

Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

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