Favorite Disney Characters

IMGP6268There are so many Disney characters, that it can be hard to choose one favorite.  In fact, I have two.

My first favorite is Goofy.  He’s clumsy, odd, and seemingly a bit of a geek.  Still, Goofy is a true friend and will never gives up despite the fact that he will likely find himself propelled through the air while he lets out his trademark scream.

IMGP5197My other favorite is actually a duo.  These geeks don’t let anything stop their quest to make the most of each day.  Not even the laws of physics or simple economics can prevent their complex builds from being completed by a small group of children in a few hours’ time.  Of course, I’m talking about Phineas and Ferb.  You’ve got to love a pair of step brothers who decide that the perfect family pet is a platypus.  Speaking of which… Where’s Perry?

Who is your favorite Disney character?