Blame the Matzoh

blame-matzoh I don’t have a proper post ready for today.  Yes, there’s this, but I don’t consider it a “proper post.”  B and I have been wiped out since Thursday (if not earlier).  You see, all that cleaning took a toll.  Then, after finishing up some cleaning on Friday, I took the Passover items down from the attic.  Then, B and I cooked for the Passover Seder.  Then, the next day, we picked up a few remaining items we felt we needed before having a second Seder that night.

I was supposed to go to temple on Saturday morning and Sunday morning, but couldn’t drag myself out of bed on Saturday.  Honestly, I was surprised that I got there on Sunday.

JSL, meanwhile, has had an awful Passover.  All of his favorite foods (macaroni and cheese, “chocolate drink” – a protein drink he loves having for breakfast, pizza, grilled cheese) aren’t Kosher for Passover.  Sure, you can make Matzoh pizza and you can melt cheese on Matzoh, but it isn’t the same.  We gave him fish sticks (shaped like actual fish – more or less) last night, but he complained the whole time and went to bed hungry.  The happiest I’ve seen him eating was when 1) he was eating melon and 2) he was eating Passover cookies and brownies at temple with me.  (JSL: “This is my bestest day EVER because I get to eat a lot of chocolate!”)

As for NHL, he’s doing fine.  He’s found out that he loves gefilte fish (though not horseradish) and he already knew that he loves hard boiled eggs.  He even tried, loved, and devoured my quinoa pilaf.  His dietary needs are being met.

I’ll try to fight off the Matzoh-carb-sleepiness tonight to get a proper post ready for tomorrow.  If none appears, though, the Matzoh got me.