I’d Rather Be At Disney World

Id-Rather-Be-At-DisneyLet’s be honest, real life is hard.  There are tons of chores and stress in day to day life that sometimes it can be hard to find the tiniest bit of magic.  Even if you do happen to find it, you might be so worn down from cold, hard reality to appreciate it.

That’s one reason why I love Disney World.  Disney is like an ideal version of how the world should be.  You begin your day with excitement about what is to come ahead.  Your entire family heads off together instead of dad and/or mom heading to work while the kids go to school.  When you want to go somewhere, a bus, monorail, or even a boat arrives to carry you to your destination free of charge.

When you get to your destination, there are wondrous sights everywhere.  You could stroll down the same street a dozen times and see something new every day.  A ton of people are strolling by, all filled with excitement.  By all rights, with that many people, there should be garbage everywhere and the bathrooms should be a horror.  But, they are all clean as if pixies were hiding in the walls to scrub the surfaces and dispose of trash when nobody was looking.

There are fun games, rides, and shows for everyone to experience.  You can move at your own pace: rushing from attraction to attraction or slowly taking it all in.  Often even waiting on line becomes magical as Disney makes illustrations of instruments on a wall come alive.  And once the line has lead you to your goal?  Then, you get entertained in a manner that only Disney can.  When you get hungry, your only problem is which of the wonderful food choices should you go with.  Even the characters come alive and are there to great your kids (or grown ups who become kids once they see Tigger in front of them).

Then, as the day ends, you return to your room.  The beds are made.  The sink is cleaned.  Fresh towels have been put out.  Perhaps a towel Mickey or towel animal will be waiting for you.  All done without you needing to lift a finger.

The only bad part about Disney World is leaving.  Reentry back into the real world can be rougher than any airline turbulence.  Suddenly, your pace isn’t set by how you would like to take the world in, it’s set by how your boss/family/etc. needs things done.  The beds suddenly don’t make themselves and the bathroom isn’t cleaned by pixie-power.  Things left on the floor stay on the floor until they are tripped over.  Expenses for home repairs and other items that you need (versus that you want) pile up.  Life isn’t one fun adventure after another anymore.

The Disney magic can be quite addictive.  I’m already thinking about when we can next go there.  However, I’m a firm believer that it *is* possible to carry it home.  (And no, I don’t mean by trapping a pixie and smuggling it homeā€¦ I’ve tried, those little sprites are hard to catch!)

First of all, I’d recommend purchasing a PhotoPass CD and taking full advantage of it.  At strategic locations around Disney, there are photographers who will take your photo.  Get one with Cinderella’s castle behind you.  One with Spaceship Earth ("that Epcot ball") in the background.  Kiss your loved one in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Scream near the Tower of Terror.  Disney magic can even be captured photographically as your group pointing to the ground reveals Stitch bursting out or as your little one’s cupped hands reveal that Tinkerbell paid a visit.  While you should definitely be sure to bring your own camera to take photos and videos, the PhotoPass will let everyone be in the photo at the same time.

Next, get some souvenirs.  You don’t have to stuff a suitcase full of new merchandise, but a few choice items to remember your trip can be helpful.  As I work, if I need a little Disney magic, I just need to look up at my Vinylmation collection.  (The newest members, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, seem to be getting along with Nerd Goofy, Waldorf, and the rest.)

Finally, get some Disney music and movies to view.  No, you won’t be physically transported back to the tea cup ride, but watching laughing as the Mad Hatter fixes the White Rabbit’s watch can help keep a glimmer of Disney magic alive in your house.  (At least, until I can figure out how to earn a living by staying in Disney hotels, eating in Disney restaurants, and riding Disney rides.)

Now, if we could only find that pesky Fast Pass ticket for the laundry room or that pixie who will clean the bathroom and make the beds for us.