Stay Safe In Sandy


This weekend was all about preparation.  B did some shopping early Saturday morning to beat any panicked crowds.  When she got home, I vacuumed out the gutters (with JSL’s help) and put away anything which could take flight in high winds.

It’s hard to tell whether we’re in the path or not.  We live in Upstate New York and are in the cone of possible paths.  Even if we don’t get hit with a direct strike from Sandy, though, the rain and wind could do a lot of damage.

I’ve been through a few hurricanes in my lifetime and they are not to be taken lightly.  Don’t think "this is just a category 1."  That’s more than enough to destroy your property, injure you or your family, or worse.  For those who are in the path of the storm, please prepare (if you have any more time) and stay safe.

NOTE: The image above comes from the National Hurricane Center’s web site.  It’s a great resource for information on what is happening and what will happen with Hurricane Sandy.