Editing Reality

DTRave_Cartoon_Computer_and_Desktop_smallYesterday, I wrote about a great book I read titled Off To Be The Wizard by Scott Meyer.  In it, the main character, Martin Banks finds that he can edit a computer file and alter reality.  A bigger bank account, taller height, and different location are just a quick file change away.

This got me to thinking what I would do if I found such a computer file.  Changing my bank account balance is the obvious choice.  However, like Martin, I might run into problems if I abused that.  After all, banks tend to get suspicious if large sums of money just appear in your account for no good reason.  I could change physical attributes like my weight or height, but those could have unforeseen consequences as well.  (Such as making me weigh less by removing organs from my body that I need to live.)

In the end, I think that the thing I’d edit the most would be location.  Imagine being able to take a trip anywhere by merely finding your location on a map and clicking.  I could take a trip to Disney World without needing airfare and, when the day was over, could teleport back to my own house and my own bed (saving money on hotels).  My daily commute to work would involve popping out of my house and immediately being by my desk.  A trip to my parents would be as easy as point and click.  Of course, my photography vistas would expand infinitely as I could quickly appear in a location, take some photos, and then disappear to go back home.

If you could edit any aspect of reality by simply editing a computer file, what would you do?

One comment

  • to start, I think I will have to pick up this book. Secondly, I love your idea of teleportation / jaunting. I personally think I would create a longer day in which I didn’t require as much sleep and longer weekends. Asking too much? This is a great conversation starter!