Why I Am So Lucky (aka Happy Anniversary To TheAngelForever)!

anniversaryTwelve years ago today, I became an extremely lucky man.  There are many ways one can become lucky.  You can win the lottery, land your dream job, or meet a favorite celebrity.  The way I became lucky was better than all of those combined (though we wouldn’t say no to a winning lottery ticket considering how fast the bills seem to be coming lately).  I became the world’s luckiest man because the world’s most amazing woman married me.

This woman is smart, beautiful, kind, and the love of my life.  She’s my best friend, someone I can have an intellectual conversation with, and someone whom I look forward to waking up next to every morning.  She’s modest too so she’ll insist this isn’t true, but she’s also incredibly sexy.  (Yes, you are B and this is my blog post so you can’t argue!)

At the time, I thought I could never love a woman the way I loved B, but I was wrong.  As time passed, I found myself falling in love with her more and more.  Just when I think this is the deepest anyone could ever love someone, she does something else that makes me love her more.

When she took up knitting and (more recently) crocheting, I fell in love with how quickly her prowess developed.  When she recently decided to watch Doctor Who to share something that I enjoyed, I fell in love with her inner geek as she not only watched the shows, but sought out tons of Doctor Who related content online.  (She now regularly texts me photos of funny Doctor Who images she finds on Facebook.)

But nothing made me fall in love with her more than parenthood.  Suddenly, there were aspects of her that I had never seen before that each made me love her more.  There was the tender loving mother who would care for our kids when they were sick or injured.  There was the school-teacher-mother who would come up with fun, educational crafts or excursions to go on.  And there was the fighter-mother who, when she saw our kids not getting help they needed, went to the mat and fought tooth and nail until they got it.

After twelve years, B can still surprise me in so many ways.  I love her so much and am so happy that I’ve had the chance to spend this time with her.  I can’t wait to see what the next twelve years will bring and what new aspects will make me fall in love with B even more.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Angel!