Smartphone Fun Cutting Button

buttons_and_scissorsWhen you think of fun smartphone or tablet games, you think about launching ill-tempered birds or slicing ropes to feed candy to monsters.  What you don’t usually think about is taking a pair of scissors and cutting some buttons off of a piece of fabric.  So when I saw a game called Buttons and Scissors listed as Amazon’s Free App of the Day, I was skeptical.  By all rights, this should be one of the most boring games around.  However, it not only works, but is fun, challenging, and highly addictive.

The basic premise is that there are a series of buttons in various colors on a piece of fabric (as I said before).  As you match up two or more buttons horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, a pair of scissors appears to cut them off.  You can’t match up buttons in a string if other buttons, of different colors, are blocking the path.  As you clear some buttons, other possible button clearances emerge.

You need to be careful, though.  To win each round, you need to clear all of the buttons.  One wrong move can easily lead you with buttons remaining and no way to clear them out.  This means that the obvious clearing might not be the one you have to take.  The game forces you to think out every move.

buttons_and_scissors2Don’t worry about getting bored with the game either.  Each game package includes 100 levels and there are 16 packages.  That’s 1,600 different levels to puzzle out.  More than enough to keep you cutting off buttons for a long time to come.

After trying this game out, I found it so much fun that I gave it to my kids as well on their Galaxy tablets.  They loved it too.  Finally, B tried it and, before she knew it, she was addicted to cutting buttons off of a simple piece of fabric.

This is a wonderfully addicting game that challenges players of all ages to think out each move.  I definitely recommend it.  Buttons and Scissors is free from Amazon and Google Play.  There’s also a pro version available from Amazon for  $1.99.

NOTE: I received Buttons and Scissors as part of Amazon’s Free App of the Day program.  There was no requirement to blog about it.  I simply wanted to share a game that I loved playing.