Matzah Time Is Here

matzahI’ve spent the past few days in deep-cleaning mode.  You see, Passover is coming so this means I need to clean the kitchen up.  The stove and oven needs to be scrubbed.  The fridge and microwave must be cleansed.  Cabinets and countertops need to be washed down.  All non-Passover foods must be put away and the Passover boxes (pots, pans, etc) need to be taken down from the attic.  It’s an involved affair that leaves me exhausted with little time for anything else.

Add in that I’ll be offline for the next few days thanks to the first couple of days of Passover being a holiday, and you’ll see little in the way of posting from me this week.  Rest assured that I’ll be here happily munching matzah.  (For some values of "happily.")

To those that celebrate Passover:  I hope you have a fantastic Pesach.

To those that don’t celebrate Passover:  I hope you have a great week.  And please try not to flaunt any bread you might be eating in front of us that are matzah-bound.