Happy Seventh Birthday To JSL

JSL-lightsaberSeven years ago today, we welcomed JSL into the world.  B, NHL, and I all fell in love instantly with the little bundle.  Over the following years, we’ve watched him grow into a wonderful little boy.  Actually, I should correct myself here.  A wonderful big boy.

Though JSL will always be my baby to me, he’s growing up so quickly.  He’s already finishing up the first grade and getting ready to move into the second grade.  He’s a wonderful little brother.  For every moment that JSL and his brother are at each others’ throats, there are a couple of moments when they are playing video games together, reading together, or just playing together.

I’ve also watched as JSL has grown as a geek-in-training.  Last year, I introduced him to Doctor Who and he quickly fell in love.  He mourned the loss of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, the loss of David Tennant’s Doctor, and recently saw Matt Smith’s Doctor remove his bow tie for the last time.  He wanted a sonic screwdriver of his own and insisted that I make him a fez.  (Because fezes are cool.)

JSL also recently completed watching the Star Wars trilogies.  He loved the whole thing.  He even liked Jar Jar Binks.  (What can I say, the character might disgust me, but it is the perfect mix of silly and potty humor for kids.  Out of place in Star Wars, definitely, but perfect for kids.)  He now has a line of Jedi Force figures that he plays with constantly and foam lightsabers to battle with outside.

That’s the other thing I’m proud of with him.  His imagination.  He is constantly inventing games that his Lego minifigs and/or action figures play.  With just the refrigerator and an odd assortment of magnets, he can create vast stories and characters.  If we go to a diner, he will insist on turning his paper placemat over so he can write a detailed story about what happened during his day.  (Yes, I believe we’ve got a blogger-in-the-making.)

While JSL can be agreeable and selfless, he can also be forceful and determined.  When I told him about a tabletop game idea I had, he told me that I was not to work on it at all unless he was involved.  When I took the training wheels off his bike, he was insistent on learning to ride.  (His current record is 14 seconds pedaling on his own.  Pretty good considering he’s two been practicing for two days.)

He’s my little helper, my little geek, and my sweet little boy.  He might not be my six year old anymore, but I can’t wait to see what seven brings.

Happy birthday, JSL!