JibJab’s Year In Review

Last Friday, at the end of my post, I tried to embed JibJab’s Year In Review video.  Sadly, something went wrong and the video didn’t embed.  Oddly, I didn’t notice it until just now (which, as I write this post, would be Wednesday night).  So instead of going back and fixing the old post, I’m going to just embed it here.

Just a fair warning.  The last time I watched this, my brain locked on the song and wouldn’t let go.  I was up half the night with the tune playing over and over.  (Then again, my brain tends to do that sort of thing from time to time so it might just be me.)

And now, baring another embed failure, here is the JibJab Year In Review:

Musical NHL’s Shoo Fly

We recently discovered something about NHL.  He has a talent for music.  He began playing drums and bells (which I always just call xylophone) last year.  This year, though, he’s really hit his stride.

A few month’s back, while at B’s grandmother’s, NHL picked up a an electronic keyboard and began playing a song.  He had never actually played this instrument before so his ability to play a song astounded us.  Then, I realized what he was doing.  He took a song that he had learned on bells and mentally remapped the notes to the keyboard.  We later asked him to duplicate this feat on B’s parents’ piano and he was able to easily.

I help him out with band practice many times a week and I’ve seen the same thing happen with many songs.  He’ll play very slowly, struggling to find the right notes to hit.  Suddenly, a light will go off in his head and he’ll play the entire song perfectly without looking at a single note.  His teacher is impressed with his skill and we’re so proud of him.

And now, a special performance of Shoo Fly by NHL:

The Birds Go Splat

Peileppe_crow_flying_downThe other day, I was walking to my car.  As I approached my vehicle, I heard a splat.  Then another.  I looked around.  It wasn’t raining.  Nothing seemed to be falling that I could see.  Yet, the splatting sounds continued.  Then, I looked up.

Above me was a flock of birds.  Actually, flock is too weak of a word.  There were several HUNDRED crows flying overhead.  They were following each other high in the sky and many of them had obviously decided that the spot I was standing on was a restroom.  I quickly opened my car door and dove inside.  My car had been hit twice, but, luckily, I escaped unharmed.

The next day, I brought my camera in to work to attempt to capture this crow swarm.  And capture it I did (though there seemed to be less crows this time).

Have you ever witnessed a swarm of birds like this?

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Disclaimer: The image above, crow flying down, was obtained from OpenClipArt.org.

Rocking With The Laurie Berkner Band

Saturday mornings are usually lazy affairs.  Last Saturday, though, was different.  We needed to get up and moving quickly.  Why?  We had a concert to go to: The Laurie Berkner Band’s Animal Party at Proctors Theatre.


We got there early, picked up our tickets and, before taking our seats, got each of the boys a souvenir.


That’s a shaky egg – a small wooden egg that makes noise when you shake it like a maracca.

As we took our seats, I marveled at how close we were to the stage.


We also marveled at what a great looking venue Proctors is.  We really should go to more shows there!


NHL, being a drum player, liked the drum set on the stage.


JSL, meanwhile was prepared for one of the later songs with his monkey.


Before long, out came Bob (who plays the drums), Suzie (keyboard), Adam (bass guitar), and, of course, Laurie.  The boys went crazy as she sang song after song.  Meanwhile, I alternated between taking a ton of photos, taking videos, and rocking out with my kids.

Here are some selected photos from the concert.


Remember JSL’s monkey from before?  Well, at one point, he had to put it on his head.  After all, Laurie had a pig on her head…

In addition to having a pig on her head, her toolbox was invaded by a mouse intent on building a home for itself.

For fans of Jack’s Big Music Show, where her band is often featured, Laurie broke out into a medley of songs.

Finally, what concert would be complete without a groupie crashing the stage.  Of course, Laurie Berkner groupies are a bit shorter than some other band’s have.

We just love how the band worked her into the show.  They showed that not only do they play great music for children, but they know how to play WITH children too.  (At the time, I wondered if I’d be able to tell the mother of the little girl about this video.  It turned out that she posted on Facebook and B got in touch with her.)

All too soon, the concert was over.  It was time to take bows and head home.


Thanks to the Laurie Berkner Band for such a magical concert!

Disclaimer: We received complementary tickets to the “Animal Party” concert thanks to The Laurie Berkner Band. The opinions expressed above, however, are my own and this post was done because we had a great time, not in return for the tickets.

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