#DisneySMMoms 2010 – Rainy Day Magic in the Kingdom (Day 3, Part 1)

We woke up on Tuesday, February 9th ready to have a magical day. And it was going to be extra magical because we were going to the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, we had also been dreading this day. You see, the weather forecasts kept predicting rain. We were lucky with last year’s trip that we only had one day with rain (JSL’s birthday) and even then it was only for a few hours. Still, we forged ahead. We didn’t even eat breakfast because we wanted to be at the Magic Kingdom for the opening show. To be prepared for hungry kids (not to mention grown-ups) we did pack a few snacks, though, and munched on those until we ate a proper meal.

As with the previous day, I went ahead with the kids while B got ready to go. On our way to the bus stop, I took a few photos of our hotel grounds.

P1230509.JPG P1230513.JPG
P1230517.JPG P1230522.JPG

We got to the Magic Kingdom with time to spare. While waiting, I obtained some maps. Then I went and returned them because I somehow got maps in German! Achtung. Mein Fehler. With the right maps in our hands (including the boys, like last year they just adored having maps to hold), we watched the opening show. First, a man and some dancers came out, performing a little song and dance. Then we heard the Magic Kingdom train roaring into the station. Off came Goofy, Donald, Snow White, Daisy, Pluto, Aladdin, Jasmine, Chip, Dale, Alice, the White Rabbit, and, of course, Mickey Mouse. With them was a lucky family chosen (somehow) to open the park with all of them. A short show and some streamers later and we headed into the park. (Note the very overcast skies.)

P1230529.JPG P1230534.JPG
P1230536.JPG P1230543.JPG
P1230549.JPG P1230551.JPG
P1230553.JPG P1230555.JPG
P1230556.JPG P1230559.JPG
P1230560.JPG P1230567.JPG
P1230570.JPG P1230571.JPG

As with Hollywood Studios the day before, I took all of our tickets and walked ahead. This time, I went to Space Mountain and obtained a Fast Pass. NHL was going to ride this with B later as it was closed for renovations when we went to Disney World last year. When B caught up with me, we went on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This was another favorite of ours from last year. It’s no Toy Story Mania, but it is still fun. NHL rode with B while JSL rode next to me.

P1230580.JPG P1230585.JPG

Next, it was time to coax NHL onto something we had wanted to do last year, but that he was too afraid to go on. Stitch’s Great Escape. He was worried that Stitch was going to scare him and spit on him. We explained that only the Downtown Disney Stitch (on top of the big Character Shop) spits. Reluctantly, NHL went on with me. We got inducted into the Galactic Federation’s Prisoner Transport Center and, after dealing with an easy criminal, got sent quickly to deal with a severe one. Yes, the prisoner was Stitch. Luckily, he was imprisoned in an escape-proof case, right? Well, not exactly. Stitch made quick work of the case and wound up around us. Only we couldn’t see him because he also got the lights. This attraction was ok, but certainly not for small children or anyone who can’t stand the dark.

P1230599.JPG P1230598.JPG

Next, we decided to go on the Tomorrowland Speedway. The engines were revving and the smell of burning gasoline was in the air. It seemed like quite a fun ride. Yes, the line was long, but they moved it quickly. NHL and B got into a blue racer while JSL and I got into a yellow one. We each let the kids drive (though I operated the gas pedal). Let me tell you, there is no way JSL is getting his driver’s license yet. He was all over the road! Luckily, there’s a beam in the center of the lane that prevents the car from swerving off course too much. Still, by hitting the beam hard, JSL almost launched himself out of the car a few times (even though he was buckled in)! Still, he had a blast. The engine was roaring, the wind was in his hair and he was chanting "I gonna get you NHL!" From what I heard later (and saw), NHL had a great ride also, albeit with less beam-hitting.

P1230601.JPG P1230603.JPG
P1230606.JPG P1230612.JPG
P1230619.JPG P1230622.JPG

After our little drive, we went to see what quickly became JSL’s favorite ride: The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. He loved seeing Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Piglet and the rest. This ride is really fun for the little ones as it condenses a few Winnie The Pooh stories into one fun ride.

P1230625.JPG P1230626.JPG
P1230627.JPG P1230628.JPG
P1230629.JPG P1230632.JPG
P1230631.JPG P1230633.JPG
P1230634.JPG P1230635.JPG
P1230636.JPG P1230637.JPG
P1230641.JPG P1230650.JPG
P1230651.JPG P1230652.JPG
P1230653.JPG P1230654.JPG

After our honey (sorry, "hunny") pot ride, we rode on a flying pachyderm. Of course, I’m talking about the one and only Dumbo. Except I guess I shouldn’t say "one and only" since there are quite a few Dumbos on the ride.

P1230670.JPG P1230677.JPG
P1230659.JPG P1230678.JPG

Post-Dumbo, we headed back to Tomorrowland so NHL and B could ride Space Mountain. As we neared the rollercoaster, NHL started got nervous. He didn’t want to go on. Shamelessly, we bribed him. If he rode Space Mountain with B and then with me, we’d get him a present. I waited with JSL while B and NHL rode the ride. They came back out and, apparently, NHL hated the ride. They had remodeled it since B was on it last and the ride was almost entirely pitch-black. I forgave NHL the "ride with me" portion of our deal (since I didn’t want to go on it anyway) and we promised him a toy for going on with B.


After Space Mountain, we walked back over to Snow White’s Scary Ride. This was a ride we didn’t go on last year so it was new to the boys. At this point, the rain was starting and this got us out of the coming downpour.

P1230693.JPG P1230695.JPG
P1230696.JPG P1230698.JPG
P1230700.JPG P1230704.JPG
P1230707.JPG P1230709.JPG

After Snow White, we moved on to Cinderella. Cindrella’s Golden Carrousel, to be more specific. Somehow, we never went on this last year and the boys love carrousel rides. This one was no exception.

P1230713.JPG P1230716.JPG
P1230729.JPG P1230731.JPG

Riding horses can make one hungry, so we ate lunch at Pinocchio Villiage Haus. We all enjoyed our pizzas and even spotted a hidden Mickey. Can you find it?

P1230734.JPG P1230733.JPG

After refueling, we continued on with our Magic Experience. And since this post has gotten so long, we’ll continue on – tomorrow!