20 Pounds In 20 Weeks: Week 2, Mini-Goals

One of the easiest ways to sabotage weight loss is to set a single goal and then get frustrated when you aren’t reaching it.  That’s why I’m a big fan of having an overarching goal as well as a series of mini-goals.

Starting Weight 205
Current Weight 200
Goal Weight 185
Lost 5
Left Until Goal 15

In my case, my over-arching goal is, of course, to lose twenty pounds.  However, this could take me months and I wouldn’t want to feel like I haven’t crossed any important milestones on the way.  Therefore, I consider every five pounds lost to be a mini-goal.  (Except for the last one, of course, since then I cross my overall goal.)

This means that I’ve reached the first of my three mini-goals.  I’m now down by five pounds and am ready to say goodbye to that “2” at the beginning of the scale’s read-out.  Since all goals should come with a celebration, perhaps I’ll “treat” myself to a serving of non-fat chocolate ice cream with some whipped cream.  Then again, considering the freezing cold outside, maybe I’ll find a warmer celebratory snack.