20 Pounds In 20 Weeks: Week 11: Back on Track

After Disney World, I gained 5 pounds.  I expected to lose some of that this week.  I figured three pounds.  If I was lucky, four.  During the week, I weighed myself and was startled to see the pounds dropping drastically.  When I weighed myself Sunday morning, I was 187 pounds.  One Hundred Eighty Seven!  That’s a loss of six pounds in one week.  It was quite nice and gives me some hope for my post-Passover weight drop.

Starting Weight 205
Current Weight 187
Goal Weight 185
Lost 18
Left Until Goal 2

This also means that I’m a mere two pounds from my goal.  Given my past weight loss averages, I lose between one and a half and two pounds per week.  With two weigh-ins before Passover begins, I’m nearly certain to hit my goal.  Still, considering that Passover is going to be a guaranteed weight gain time, I’m not going to count the 20 Pounds In 20 Weeks challenge as successful unless I hit 185 pounds after Passover has ended.

Still, I’d say I’m doing quite well and am well on my way to completing this challenge.