20 Pounds In 20 Weeks: Week 12: Nearly There

Sunday morning, I stepped on the scale and nearly jumped for joy.  The scale said I weighed 185.5 pounds.  This is only a half a pound above my goal weight.  Huzzah!

Starting Weight 205
Current Weight 185.5
Goal Weight 185
Lost 19.5
Left Until Goal 0.5

Of course, I’m not claiming victory anytime soon.  The next three weeks will be tough ones dietarily-speaking.  (Is “dietarily” a word?  Well, it is now!)  As I’ve been saying for weeks now, Passover is approaching.  I’ve been mentally getting ready for packing on some pounds due to Matzoh overload.  Still, I didn’t remember one other “Passover is approaching” danger: Pre-Passover “Gotta Finish It Up” Snacking

You see, when Passover is here, all non-Kosher-for-Passover foods must be put away so Passover foods have room.  Of course, there is limited space to “put away” these foods and some of them might spoil if not consumed during the eight days that we celebrate Passover.  Since I hate wasting food, I wind up snacking on it.  Sleeve of opened Girl Scout Cookies?  Munch on them instead of putting the box in the bin.  Ritz crackers?  They’ll go nicely with that block of leftover cheddar instead of taking up room in the cabinets.

In the end, I wind up with less food to put away (good), but more pounds on my waistline (not so good).  I’ve all but given up on keeping track of points this week.  I’ll try to mentally keep score to keep my snacking down, but I’m not going to add the stress of points tracking to the stress of Passover preparation.  I’ll just have to re-double my weight loss efforts once Passover is done.