Aloha Friday: Niagara Falls

This past Saturday, we went to visit

Niagara Falls with Aunt M and Cousins S & B.

IMGP0755 IMGP0799 IMGP0802 IMGP0824

The kids loved seeing the falls, though JSL did not like the horseshoe falls’ spray blowing onto him.  This from the kid who walks slowly when it’s raining while saying “I don’t mind.  I *LIKE* getting wet!”

I especially was geeking out about the waterfall stats:

IMGP0753 IMGP0778

Between the two falls, 725,000 gallons of water fall over Niagara Falls each second.  That means that it would take Niagara Falls, 382 seconds (or a mere 6 minutes

and 20 seconds) to fill the Empire State Building.  (I can almost imagine the infographic writing itself.)

My Aloha Friday question for today is: Have you ever visited Niagara Falls?

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