Your Shape Fitness Evolved: Week 3 Diary and Giveaway

IMGP4764_thumb1_thumb This week, I tried out Your Shape Fitness Evolved’s boot camp, cardio boxing, yoga, and hip hop dance.

On Monday, I began with Cardio Boxing.  I ran through a complete sequence: Learn It (16 calories burned with punches and kicks), Push It (A) (18 calories burned with jabs, hooks, and upper cuts), Push It (B) (18 calories burned with side punches and kicks), Own It (18 calories burned with a little bit of everything) and Attack It (48 calories burned with all the previous workouts and 4 times the workout time).  Of note, I hit 97% of the workouts in Own It.  After Cardio Boxing, I figured I’d cool down with some Yoga.  I burned 19 calories in Develop It (A).  I found that some of the Yoga poses just didn’t work with the small size of my room.  The total calories burned was 137.

P1070431On Tuesday, I tried a few different workouts and wound up burning 111 calories.  First, I tried Boot Camp: Push It.  Thought I burned 15 calories, I found this way too intense of a workout.  (Especially coming right after having a big Valentine’s Day dinner.)  Next, I figured I’d test out Hip Hop: Learn It (A) Class 2.  (I had tried Class 1 before this Diary series.)  I burned 23 calories with this.  I found this workout nice, but not my style.  I’m not really a Hip Hop kind of guy.  (I’m more 80’s rock than Hip Hop.)

With these eliminated, I went back to Cardio Boxing and tried Learn It Class 2.  I burned 20 calories with this.  Though it was much more complex than Class 1 was, Cardio Boxing was definitely more my style.  Next up was Push It (A) for 22 calories and Push It (B) for 15 calories.  These picked up the pace on the punches and kicks.  Finally, I went back to Yoga for cool down.  Develop It (B) burned 16 more calories.

P1070445Finally, Wednesday arrived.  Though my arms had been sore all day, I returned to Cardio Boxing.  I warmed up by repeating Learn It Class 2 and burned 21 calories.  Next, I jumped into Own It (A) to speed up my routine and shed another 22 calories.  Then, it was time for Attack It (B).  This 11+ minute workout burned 58 more calories.  Finally, I cooled down with Yoga’s Develop It (C) for 24 more calories.  I considered finishing off the category with Develop It (D), but noticed that this would take about 23 more minutes.  I just didn’t think my body would last through this so I stayed with 125 calories burned.


You could win a copy of Your Shape Fitness Evolved.  Simply post a comment to this blog post.  You can enter multiple times by leaving one comment in each of the posts of this series: Week 1, Week 2.  When my five week series is finished, one commenter from across the five posts will win a copy of the game from Ubisoft.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Your Shape Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft and financially compensated for this  Clever Girls Collective, Inc. campaign.  In addition, I was loaned an XBox 360 and Kinect for the duration of the campaign.  The opinions expressed above, however, are my own.