Cooking With TechyDad: Love Of Cookie Dough

Cookie dough has a special place in our hearts.  We all love eating cookies and have been known to sneak the occasional cookie dough nibble.  Of course, any food safety expert could tell you that this is a no-no.  Cookie dough invariably contains eggs and eating eggs without cooking them is basically putting a giant welcome mat in front of your insides for salmonella to enter.  So the lure of the cookie dough is always tempered by the knowledge that one heavenly bite now could lead to days of pain and suffering later.

Enter The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook: Cookies, Cakes, Candies, and More by Lindsay Landis (aka LoveAndOliveOil).  Now, I haven’t actually read this book (yet), so don’t consider this a review.  However, Lindsay has released a few of her recipes via her blog and other blogs that were giving away copies of her book.  I tried the Cookie Dough S’mores recipe.  Minus the S’mores part.  So just cookie dough.  Delicious, salmonella-risk-free cookie dough!

First you gather your ingredients:


That’s milk, brown sugar, white sugar, butter, salt, vanilla, and flour.  First, you put the butter (at room temperature) and the sugars in a bowl together.  Use an electric mixer to combine them.  NOTE: I forgot the brown sugar at this point, I realized my mistake after the next step and added it then.  Fortunately, the recipe seems very flexible to minor mistakes.

Once the butter and sugars are creamed, add in the milk and vanilla and mix that in.  Next, add the flour and salt and mix this together.


Now for the final ingredient.  For those of you keeping track, you’ll notice that I’ve used all of the ingredients.  However, I left out one very important secret ingredient.


Mini-chocolate chips!

Add these to your batter and stir to combine.


At this point, you could use this cookie dough in any of a dozen different ways.  Or, if you are like my family, you can channel your inner Cookie Monster, shout "Cooooookie dough!" and devour it! (Om nom nom nom nom.)

Want some?  Here’s a spoonful.


What’s that? You can’t eat cookie dough through a computer screen?  Oh well, more for me!

We will definitely be purchasing Lindsay’s book at which time I will prepare so many cookie dough recipes that even my kids will be sick of cookie dough!  (Ok, let’s be honest, they’ll never get sick of cookie dough!)