It’s Spring, There Are Birds – What Are Those Bees Doing?

Today, I took the boys to the park for some play time (and also to give B some time by herself to get some writing done).  As we piled into my car, I noticed a bug atop my car.  Nothing odd there.  It’s spring, the weather has gotten warmer and the bugs are out.  I looked closer and noticed it was a bee.  Two bees, in fact.  One atop the other.

The boys were already in the car so my first instinct was to send a TwitPic of the situation.  After that was done, I was going to go in the car and drive off, but then I stopped.  I had my DSLR with me to take photos of the boys at the playground.  Why not put it to a macro test?

So out came my camera and I began snapping away.  I’ve taken bee macro photos before so I know how to do it safely.  I’ve learned that you can get pretty close to bees without bothering them.  They tend to try to fly away from you first.  But if they start buzzing angrily and dive bombing you, it’s time to move away fast.

Anyway, I got as close as I felt I could safely get and let my zoom lens do the rest.  A few clicks of the shutter later and…


You can click that to magnify the photo, but here’s a cropped version from the full resolution original.


After I was done photographing, I went in the car and started it up.  NHL was curious about what was happening.  I told him that there were some bees up there that wouldn’t be happy that I was moving the car.  He asked why.  I danced around the facts and told him that they were happy with the car where it was and wouldn’t like for it to move.

As we drove off, he said he was sad for the bees because they might get blown off.  I told him that we started slowly and they probably got the hint before we went so fast that they would be blown off.  I really hope that’s the case.  Sorry about the interruption, bees!

Aloha Friday: Hunting For Signs Of Spring

At the beginning of last week, I spotted the traditional (at least when I was growing up) sign of spring’s arrival: a robin red breast. I didn’t get a photo, but when I was at the park with the boys during the first official day of spring, I spotted a butterfly. We had B’s camera with us, so I took it and snapped a photo.


Can’t see it? Yeah, it’s hard to spot. That’s why I began tip toeing ever so quietly towards it, trying to get a better photo. Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting buttewfwies. huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.


Ok, this one used the camera’s zoom, but I thought I could get a better shot. So I inched closer and closer. I was amazed at how close I was able to get to the butterfly.

IMG_1967.jpg IMG_1968.jpg

Wait a second. That’s a pretty ugly butterfly. All hairy and stuff. That’s no butterfly, it’s a moth! Still, that’s one cool closeup.


Ah, a face only a mother moth could love. Now, I might not have found a sign of spring, but I’m sure they’re out there. My Aloha Friday question is: Have you seen any signs of spring yet?

Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the MckLinky there if you are participating.

Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

Aloha #31

Gorilla of my Nightmares #DisneySMMoms

Before DisneySMMoms, we were already at Disney World enjoying some of the parks. While at Animal Kingdom, on the first day, we found the gorilla exhibit. The gorillas are separated from the humans by a big moat. This is, of course, to protect us from them and vice versa. The moat didn’t quite seem wide enough, though, thanks to this guy


He started charging the crowd, stopping just before the moat drop. Yes, I knew I was safe, but I still jumped back. Then, I swear he glared at me. Look at his eyes!


Wouldn’t that scare you even with a moat?

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