WiiFit Workout Week 2

Beginning Weight:  208 pounds

Monday December 8th – Week 2, Day 1
WiiFit Age: 37

  • Step Aerobics
  • 3 min super hula hoop
  • Island lap run
  • Single Arm Stand
  • Tree
  • Lunge
  • Warrior
  • Rowing Squat
  • Chair Yoga
  • Lotus Focus

Total Workout Time: 31 minutes

Thoughts: I think I focused too much on my legs this workout.  By the end of the night, they felt like jelly.

Tuesday December 9th – Week 2, Day 2
WiiFit Age: 28

  • Cobra Yoga
  • Plank
  • Tricep Extension
  • Palm Tree Yoga
  • Rhythm Boxing (Easy)
  • Advanced Step
  • Advanced Hula Hoop (6 minutes)
  • Sideways Leg Lift (twice)
  • Sun Salutation Yoga
  • Short Run

Total Workout Time: 30 minutes

Thoughts: Focused on some more upper body items to give my legs a bit of a rest.

Wednesday December 10th – Week 2, Day 3
WiiFit Age: 44

  • Dance Yoga
  • Sideways leg lift
  • Standing Knee
  • Single Leg Extension
  • Sun Salutation
  • Lunge
  • Warrior
  • Plank
  • Cobra
  • Plank Challenge
  • Single Leg Extension (20 reps)
  • Advanced Step
  • Hula Hoop

Total Workout Time: 30 minutes

Thoughts: Got two curve balls thrown at me today.  First, I was told to do my balance test with my eyes closed.  Secondly, when I began training, the male trainer substituted himself for my usual female trainer.  (A quick settings change fixed that.)  Guess that’s some built-in random events to keep you on your toes.  My wife also observed this workout so she would know how to set up and take down the WiiFit balance board.

Thursday December 11th – Week 2, Day 4

Ok, I confess that I skipped this workout.  There was an awful ice storm out and I got distracted with other matters.  By the time I decided to work out, it was late.  I decided that it was less important to exercise and more important to get sleep so I wouldn’t be exhausted while driving in the ice.  I plan on making up this workout on Sunday night.

It’s Ice Outside

Last night, while walking to my car, I noticed some ice formed on the sidewalk.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my boots on, just my dress shoes.  Those don’t have any traction on ice, so I took it slow.  I made it to my car, chipped my car out of it’s ice coating, and drove home carefully.  Luckily, I had some crockpot chili (I’ll post the recipe another time) and some cornbread muffins made.  That made for a nice, warming dinner.

Unfortunately, however, our night was rough.  I skipped my daily WiiFit workout to help maximize my sleep time, but that didn’t help much.  JSL woke up early and wound up in our bed.  Then the power went out.  Twice.  Finally, morning came and I reluctantly moved out of bed to get ready for work.  B re-informed me that NHL’s school was cancelled.  (She had told me at 6am when it was announced, but I was half-asleep and didn’t really hear her even if I answered her.)  A quick peak outside confirmed that I’d be into work late.  Half of my office was in work late.  The other half didn’t come in at all.

I chipped my car out of the ice, realizing that it wasn’t *too* bad, but that the roads could be bad.  The drive in was mostly uneventful.  The roads weren’t too icy.  Simply driving slower and giving your car a bit more stopping distance was all that was required.  There were plenty of tree limbs down, though.  One large one near my house had crashed down on the homeowner’s car.  Another two near my work were blocking off a side street.  (A side street about two cars wide, mind you.)  Then, while waiting at a light, the tree across the street lost a branch.  As I watched it fall, I made a mental

I took some photos of the outside of our house and near my work.  I thought about attempting to get near some of the downed branches, but reconsidered, so no photos of those.

We’re Crazy, I Tell You, Crazy!

It was 13 degrees out today.  Before the wind chill.  So what does B decide she wants to do for her birthday?  Go to Cold Stone and get ice cream!  (Ok, that wasn’t the only thing we did and the reason for that choice was a free ice cream coupon she had for her birthday.)

B got the cake batter ice cream with cookie dough mixed in.  NHL got the gingerbread ice cream with Oreos mixed in.  I, being a big dark chocolate fan, got the Dark Chocolate Peppermint ice cream with marshmellows mixed in.  JSL is also a fan of all things chocolate and wound up eating about half of my ice cream.  He actually got upset when I dared to move the spoon to my mouth instead of in his.  How dare I!

After ice cream we did some shopping.  Then, after a quick stop home to drop off our goods, we headed to B’s parents house.  There we dropped off the kids and went out to eat in a Japanese Steakhouse.  (Sushi… yum!  Especially Sweet Potato sushi made with warm sweet potato tempura.  *drools*)  After dinner, it was back to B’s parents for dessert:  Chocolate Chip Cookie cake.

Here are a few photos:

Happy Birthday B!

Contest and Zazzle Store Suggestions Requested

I’ve been inspired.  Cake Wrecks, that bastion of baked badness, recently opened a Zazzle Store featuring some gags based on their hilarious cakes gone wrong photos.  When I saw that, a lightbulb went off over my head.  I had just taken a bunch of great photos from Charleston and I had a few others I’ve taken over the years.  I had thought once or twice of selling prints, but never really got serious about it.  Zazzle could change that, though.  I could upload a photo, add a witty caption, and instantly be able to sell posters, prints, shirts, etc.

I’m awful at coming up with witty slogans, but I figured I could run a contest.  I’ve never really run a contest or a Zazzle store, before though.  So before I dive in, I’d like to get as much advice as possible.  What suggestions would you have for someone who’s about to run his first contest and his first Zazzle Store?

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