Cooking With TechyDad: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

It’s inevitable.  You buy a bunch of bananas and though you use many, one or two start to turn brown.  Not just normal brown, though.  Those are still good to eat, but threatening-to-go-mushy-any-day brown.  Time to toss out the bananas and buy a new bunch, right?  Wrong.  Well, maybe buy a new bunch, but don’t toss those old ones.  Any baker will tell you that many a great banana-based recipe can use ripe bananas.  Banana bread.  Banana pancakes.  Banana pudding.  Banana muffins.  Ice cream.

Yes, you read that last one right.  Using only bananas and one other ingredient, you can make ice cream!  That other ingredient isn’t even milk.

First, let’s start with the bananas.


Peel and slice the bananas.  Stick them into ziploc bags and put them into the freezer.  I usually put about 1 to 2 bananas per bag.  Allow them to freeze for awhile.  This might take a couple of hours, but you could also just put bananas in as you have them until you’ve collected enough.

Once you have quite a few bananas, you can make the ice cream.  Take out your bananas and a jar of Peanut Butter & Co’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter.


First, put the bananas in your blender.


I usually work in batches of 2 bananas.  I made a 4 banana batch once and it overwhelmed my poor blender.  With the bananas in, turn the blender on.  After awhile, the bananas will turn crumbly.  You might have to stop a few times to move bananas off the blender’s sides and towards the middle.


Finally, the whole thing will take on a creamy, almost soft-serve texture.


At this point, toss in the dark chocolate peanut butter.  One tablespoon per banana.


Turn the blender back on and puree the mixture together.

IMGP2757 IMGP2759

You now have soft serve dark chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream!  If you want your ice cream more like hard ice cream, just put it in a container in the freezer for about 3 hours.


nutritional informationThere you go.  Hard dark chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

Given that this is only bananas and peanut butter, it’s probably healthy, right?  Well, I came up with this little nutritional chart to the right.  As you can see,

1 banana’s worth of the ice cream is under 200 calories, has only 7 grams of fat, and has 4 grams of fiber.  Plus, it has 35% of your daily requirement of B6 and 20% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.  Let’s see plain ice cream do this!

Of course, it could be the healthiest ice cream in the world, but it wouldn’t matter if it tasted horrible.  Luckily, it tastes great.  I gave it to my boys and they loved it.  I toyed with hiding the secret, non-dairy aspect of the ice cream from them, but decided to let them in on the secret.  They still begged for bowls of it every night.  They even tried asking for it for breakfast.

“After all”, NHL reasoned, "it’s peanut butter and bananas.  It’s healthy!”

I’ve got to admit that I seriously entertained the notion of breakfast ice cream.  Sadly, for the kids, I eventually turned them down.  Still, I don’t mind giving them a bowl or two for dessert and they don’t mind gobbling it up.

This week in Tweets

  • Yearly Jewish Federation donation call. I say I can’t donate. He asks if he should call Jewish Family Services. WTF? #
  • I’m not poor, I just can’t afford to donate right now. Was tacky how the guy assumed things about my financial situation based on my “No.” #
  • Did some baking tonight. Snickerdoodles (from bought cookie dough) and No Pudge Fudge Brownies. Yum on both. #
  • Is it morning? Am I awake? I seem to be dressed and at work, but brain no want wake up. Me nap now. *zzzzzzzzzzz* #
  • Got a “shouting” call from my wife. Apparently, she picked up NHL at kindergarten, headed for the library, & NHL decided to wet his pants. #
  • Holocaust denying bishop says he’ll review evidence, won’t visit Auschwitz, but bought a book: #
  • He claims previous comments based on research in the 80’s. AFAIK, there’s been no Holocaust historical breakthroughs in the past 25 yrs. #
  • Either he’ll claim his evidence review supports denial or he’ll change his tune & use “re-examining the evidence” as a save face maneuver. #
  • Not feeling well today. Also having a high point day. Think the two are related? #
  • Packing up and heading home now. Need to fill up the car before I head home & make dinner. in reply to TheAngelForever #
  • Today’s starting off as a really stressful day. Not a good sign when I’m highly stressed before I even get to work. #
  • Car needs repair. Then again, it’s 10 years old with 104K miles on it. Perhaps I should just replace it. But what to replace it with? #
  • New (or used) car requirements: Not too big (just for daily commutes), fuel efficient (at least 28-30mpg) and as inexpensive as possible. #
  • I’d love to get a hybrid, but they just cost too much. #
  • Websense blocks Wikipedia’s #Breastfeeding In Public page ( ) as Nudity. Doesn’t flag Wikipedia’s Breastfeeding page tho. #
  • Also doesn’t block Wikipedia’s Breast page ( ) which has a female breast photo (w/ nipple). So why block BF in Public? #
  • Fun! Sheldon (on online comic strip) has grandpa starting on Weight Watchers… um, I mean Point Watchers. 😉 #
  • Twitter charging companies wouldn’t be fatal. I do wonder how they’d identify corporate use though. #
  • If I have a site w/ a CafePress shop, am I charged to tweet? What if my blog runs ads? Tweeting about my blog posts could earn me money. #
  • Warning label on my soup container: “Bowl and soup are HOT after heating” I would seriously hope so. If it’s frozen, the microwave’s busted. #
  • Is hoping that Daphne on Heroes is still alive. @BreaGrant is wonderful on the show & I don’t want her written off just yet. #
  • Hopefully she’s recovering in a Hero Prison Hospital. Leaving her status up in the air does help make Matt (& viewers) upset at Nathan & co. #
  • Bare bones beta version of my revamped Infomercial review site is done. WordPress makes it go quickly. #
  • Anyone know of any WordPress plugins designed for product reviews? #
  • Freezing here. I need a snuggie! #
  • Octoplet’s mom: “Everything I do is for my children.” Maybe she shouldn’t have more kids when she can’t afford the 6 kids she already has? #
  • If my wife and I had no income, we’d cherish the kids that we had & would hold off on more kids until we were more financially secure. #
  • Octoplet’s moms 1st 6: Boy, girl, boy, boy, & a set of twins. So that’s 5 pregnancies before the octoplets. #
  • I’d question the fertility doctor’s ethics if he kept implanting eggs into her while she was unemployed & had many kids already. #
  • 13 month spread between her first 2 kids? #
  • 5 pregnancies in 5 1/2 years?!!! That can’t be healthy for her body. #
  • I think she just made a dig at the Duggers. I have my problems with them, but at least they have income to support their family. #
  • She admits that 6 embryos were transferred? I know someone who went for IVF and only 2-3 embryos were used each time. #
  • Is wondering how much is it going to cost her to raise 13 kids as an unemployed single mom. 2 kids can be pricy. #
  • Oops, I typed 13 kids…. meant 14 kids. Can’t do math right now. Too tired. Need to do some WiiFit workouts. #
  • Her 6 year old girl thinks it’ll be stressful all the time. It can be stressful here with 2 kids. I can’t IMAGINE adding 12 more! #
  • She’s planning to move to a larger home…. with WHAT MONEY?!!! #
  • Octuplet mom didn’t want her frozen embryos destroyed. Fair enough, there’s another option. Donate them to couples who can’t have kids. #
  • I believe you can even sell them thus giving her money to take care of her first 6 kids. #
  • She claims that there were 6 inserted in each round & two failed rounds before the 8 arrived. That’s 24 embryos to donate. #
  • More Weight Watchers….. er, Point Watchers in Sheldon. Looks like this will be a week long story line: #
  • Today’s Baby Blues references Breastfeeding: #
  • Has anyone used the ReviewPress plugin for WordPress? If so, what did you think about it? #
  • RT @mike_elgan: Why not pay Wall Street bonuses in their own toxic assets? #
  • Note to self. When you get too little sleep you have a tendency to snack more often the next day. IOW, proper sleep helps weight loss. #
  • rt @Moomettesgram You KNOW you want to win a blanket w/sleeves ~ The Slanket! Enter now! #
  • Authors Guild says Kindle doesn’t have “right to read a book out loud” That costs extra? No more NHL bedtime stories! #
  • So tired…. So I’m going to force myself onto the WiiFit. Maybe an hour of FreeStep aerobics with 10lbs of weights on my legs will help. #
  • Exhausting #WiiFit workout. 30 minutes of FreeStep and then 20 arm & leg lifts (each side). All with wieghts on my wrists/ankles. *collapse* #
  • Night night tweets. Headed to bed to try to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully JSL stays asleep the whole night. #
  • Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. RT this message to enter. Full details here: #
  • Our fridge is dying so my wife’s off to look at new ones. #
  • Phone rings. Automated voice: “If you own your own home you need to protect against major appliance failure.” Phone spammers have me bugged! #
  • Local police going to do training exercise near my work (w/ unloaded firearms). Could be a good photo op but not sure they’d like it. #
  • More Weight Watchers/Point Watchers fun over at Sheldon Comics: #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= Looks like a nice way to store NHL/JSL’s stuffed animals #
  • Court Says Vaccine Is Not to Blame for Autism #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= I really like that this is machine washable! #
  • Looked at Twit-Jacking page (with JS disabled of course) to figure out how it works. Had to translate a blog post from French to English. #
  • It opens an iFrame in such a manner to make it see-through (invisible but still able to react to clicks). #
  • It pre-populates a tweet (Twitter supports this). Next it puts a visible “Click Here” button under the invisible Twitter Submit Tweet button #
  • You try to click the “Click Here” button, but actually click the “Submit Tweet” button. Viola! Another “Don’t Click” tweet is posted. #
  • Just updated my How The “Don’t Click” Twitter Hack Works blog post with a solution for @twitter to use. #
  • Network is conspiring against me. Trying to finish one task I was told to do by end of day, but server’s being slow. #
  • Trying to leave early to get fridge, but I can’t leave until this is done. And the network seems to be working against me here. ARGH! #
  • iPod Touch giveaway at by @katjapresnal #skimbaco #11moms Please RT! #
  • Off to WiiFit. Wish there was some way to Tweet while FreeStepping. (No, I don’t have a Smart phone/iPhone. Just a laptop.) #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= Looks like a very cool stuffed animal storage system. #
  • Night tweets! #
  • Someone brought in donuts today. I looked at them and wasn’t tempted at all. Sorry, @DunkinDonuts, but it does mean my diet’s working. 😉 #
  • One Boston Kreme donut has 6.5 points. Instead that, I can have 2 packets of instant grits (4 points) and a Kashi strawberry bar (2 points). #
  • Really wish @Hostgator’s Windows servers were available. Heard good things about them, but I need to run ASP/MS SQL as well as PHP/mySQL. #
  • Zoomable photo of Inauguration Day: Very cool! #
  • LOL! Free Valentine’s Day song from MP3: #
  • Is it time to go home yet? #
  • Is it the weekend yet? #
  • Feeling a bit confined in my 8 foot by 10 foot windowless office. #
  • Why is flagging every word as spelled wrong? Did I really spell “a” wrong? Or “on”? Or “in”?!!! #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= Really hoping to win this… can you tell? 😉 #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= My wife & I could review it on our blogs. (hint hint) 😉 #
  • Friday 13th strikes! Washing hands & water splashed over the front of my pants. Walked back to my office looking like I peed my pants. 🙁 #
  • All I can say is: Thank goodness for sportjackets! #
  • Is the weekend here yet? #
  • Any web hosts out there that offer ASP, PHP, mySQL, MS SQL, at least 5GB of space, and the ability to host multiple sites on the same plan? #
  • My wife and I have a “fun” V-Day planned. Cleaning the house up so that our new fridge can be delivered. #
  • Weekend time! Yay! *Thinks about all the cleaning that needs to be done this weekend.* Hmmm… Maybe I want to stay in the office after all. #
  • Our V-Day was filled with kitchen cleaning & microwaved dinner. Ok, not romantic, but very productive! #
  • 5 bags of garbage & the equivalent of 2 more bags recycling. One room down, 4 more to go. #
  • Sheldon Comics has another (and possibly the last for now) “Point Watchers” strip: in reply to Shortpacked #
  • Asked to join advisory panel. TOS say that they’ll own all “rights to the suggestions of every kind & nature throughout the Universe” WTH?!! #
  • If I agree to the TOS, I guess I’d have to move to my nearest parallel dimension to make a comment that the company wouldn’t own. #
  • RT and Enter to win a Boon Trio Animal Bag. Details here: <= This looks so cool. #
  • Doing a full mirror of all files on my web hosting account to see how many GB’s I’m using with files. With 27% transferred, I’m over 1GB #
  • Projecting 4GB when all is said & done. Add in another GB or 2 for DBs and future growth. Looks like I need 6GB+ from a hosting provider. #
  • Listening to “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye, free from MP3. #
  • Just checked my disk quota and it’s claiming that I’m using 4GB. That’s probably files only, then as my mirror is on track to be that much. #
  • Night all! #

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This week in Tweets

  • Seriously, Disney, when are posting your May park hours? We need to make our reservations on Sunday, but May park hours aren’t posted yet. #
  • Loving the fact that the latest version of Twhirl has spell-check built in. #
  • While at my parents’ house I picked up some old family photos to scan. I really wish I knew more about the one w/ my great-grandparents. #
  • Unfortunately, my grandfather (whose parents they were) passed away many years ago & my grandmother’s memory’s not the best. #
  • Wow. A member of my digital photography group not only published a coffee table book with his great astrophotography shots, … #
  • …but he also got forewords written by Sir Arthur C Clarke, Sir Patrick Moore, and Dr. Brian May (Queen guitarist w/ PHD in Astrophysics). #
  • Link to the incredible Astrophotography book: #
  • Thinking about webcams. If my parents got 1 & we got 1, the kids could talk to Bubbe, Grandpa, & Greatgrandma on screen instead of by phone #
  • Close call this weekend. I downloaded photos from my friend’s wedding to show my parents. Forgot I had a “TechyDad” stamp on them. #
  • Luckily, I only showed them to my mom (not computer literate) then deleted them. When dad asked about them I said that quality wasn’t good. #
  • Parents don’t know about my “TechyDad” moniker & although I don’t use this name to badmouth them, I’d rather they don’t know about it. #
  • How many Twitterfolk keep an online identity (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc) that their parents/family doesn’t know about? #
  • I find this hilarious though I’m sure families watching the Super Bowl didn’t: Porn clip penetrates Super Bowl broadcast #
  • Phil the Groundhog sees 6 more weeks of winter. In related news: #
  • Some people recorded the “Super Bowl Porn” & put it online. Highly NSFW so not even going to think about watching it now. #
  • My great-grandparents. Undated photo. Only clue is print on the back: “Albert Murdus Photographer 524 Grand St NY” #
  • Back of that mystery photo: Is there a Grand Street Historical Society or something? #
  • My twitter profile is worth $287. I ‘m only 2.8% of the worth of @guykawasaki. #
  • People book #DisneyWorld reservations 90 days out. 90 days from today = May 3. Last posted schedule as of now = 4/28. Disney Schedule FAIL! #
  • Punky Brewster’s on Twitter? I loved that show! (Ok, not Punky, but the actress who played her: @moonfrye) #
  • Man do I hate #Heroes! How could they end like that & make me wait a week for more?!!! Seriously, though, *GREAT* episode. #
  • Almost forgot about my #WiiFit workout. Might make things simple and just do 50 minutes of Free Step with my ankle weights on. #
  • Non-PB items recalled now. Execs from the company should be brought up on criminal charges. They knew about the Salmonella & ignored it. #
  • Video game playing linked to breastfeeding. (No, not really. The “link” is used to show how ridiculous some studies are.) #
  • Wondering if there’s any way to figure out how old a photo is. Got an undated photo of my great-grandparents. #
  • So tired. Stayed up way too late last night. Would anyone notice if I closed my office door and took a 3 or 4 hour nap? #
  • Why does the new version of #Twhirl insist on adding multiple spaces when I hit the space key once? #
  • Special K Bliss bars are so not worth it. They taste good, but FiberOne bars taste better, are almost 2x the size, & are the same points. #
  • I found out on Sunday that you can’t bring Trader Joe’s Sunflower Butter on an airplane. They count it as a liquid and confiscate it. #
  • Luckily, my parents were nearby & were able to take it back with them. I’ll have to pick it up when I drive down one day. #
  • Just got another “Your car warranty is expiring” robo-call. Should have pressed 1 & yelled at the rep. Just wasn’t motivated enough. #
  • Don’t you hate it when you think “Well, the day’s almost over now” and then you look down at the clock & see you still have over 2hrs to go? #
  • Anyone know of a guide to the different blogger conferences? (Where they are, when they are, what activities go on at them?) #
  • In an attempt to date my great-grandparent’s photo, I found this page with lots of old photos for reference: #
  • Anon. [Husband and wife, she is standing, he is sitting, fringe beard. c.1870] Looks sort of like the photo I have. #
  • Here’s the photo that I’m trying to date: Any leads would be greatly appreciated. #
  • Headed to bed. Don’t feel so good. Not sure if I’m coming down with something or if my body is just exhausted. Either way, I need some rest. #
  • Won a giveaway & didn’t receive prize due to sponsor mix-up. Person hosting giveaway isn’t answering my e-mails. How long should I wait? #
  • Thinking of restarting an old website I once ran that had Infomercial product reviews. Might make it more blog-like w/ guest reviewers. in reply to classymommy #
  • Why is it, when I’m feeling sick, that I get insanely hungry. Trying to keep to healthy snacks so as not to rack up points needlessly. #
  • On the hunt for someone who can catch an injured bird & take care of it. #
  • Some of my co-workers suggested hitting it w/ a tennis racket to “put it out of its misery.” I most certainly WILL NOT! #
  • Those were female co-workers, BTW. #
  • If I re-opened my infomercial review site, people could send me products to review and give away. Any infomercial product vendors out there? #
  • Time Warner expanding their metered billing trials. You get 20GB per day then get charged $1 for each GB you go over. #
  • Just ate hummus on a flat roll with Fiber One and then cottege cheese w/ crushed pineapple. Why am I feeling extremely hungry? #
  • Running a report that usually slows my computer down. Add in McAfee & my computer’s just not responding. Driving me nuts. #
  • I want to be productive. Really, I do. But I just can’t if my computer takes 5 minutes to do each thing I tell it to do. (Like Right-click.) #
  • Just found out that two Amie Street artists that I like are on Twitter: @shannonhurley and @marinav #
  • In case anyone’s interested, @marinav’s music can be heard here: @shannonhurley’s here: #
  • Another bad day for NHL. His teachers said it’s like he’s not in control. He knows it’s wrong, apologizes after, but can’t stop himself. #
  • Last time this happened to NHL, he was on Singulair. Wondering if one of his new allergy/asthma medicines could be causing his bad behavior. #
  • RT @Twitter_Tips: WARNING–WordPress Warning: If you have TweetBacks plugin installed uninstall it— it has a spam backdoor (via @DaivRawks ) #
  • Fell asleep last night w/ laptop reading twitter. Skipped WiiFit workout for a 2nd night in a row. Feeling a little better this morning. #
  • My computer doesn’t want to work today. ARGH! Think it’s time for a reboot. #
  • A delivery just arrived at my office. I didn’t order it though. 1st name & Surname’s 1st 3 characters correct. Going to right person now. #
  • Computer didn’t want to work. Rebooted and now it does. Ah, the reboot: The fix for nearly all computer “mysterious problems.” #
  • Animal Control called me back about the bird… over 24 hours from when I first called them. Nice to see quick response there. #
  • I swear the hospital intercom just said: “Peter Griffin call the operator.” If a talking dog & a homicidal baby walk by, I’m going home. #
  • Feeling shaky. I sometimes get this way if I’ve put lunch off for too long. But I just ate lunch. I should prob get my blood sugar tested. #
  • Diabetes runs in my family (mom has it, grandfather had it, etc) so blood sugar issues aren’t something to be ignored. #
  • Can anyone recommend any good WordPress plugins to help handle reviews? Categorizations, Star rankings, Searching, etc. #
  • RT @stargardener’s dad: I think Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their Corporate sponsors. #
  • Headed home now. *slides down dinosaur’s back and glides into car* #
  • Ok, *WAY* past my bedtime. Did my #WiiFit workout & prepped some photos for tomorrow’s blog post. But for now I’m off to bed. Goodnight all! #
  • Not feeling too good today. Nose is all stuffed up & I feel like I’m in a fog. #
  • Sinuses killing me. Not sure if it’s a sickness, allergies, exhaustion, or all three ganging up on me. #
  • Last night I tried to get my router (Netgear WRT614) to e-mail me its log files so I could figure out how much bandwidth we use. No success. #
  • Any recommendations on Webcams? Thinking of getting one so my kids can video chat with my parents & grandma long distance. #
  • Was looking at this webcam: #
  • Is it bad that I’m hungry and want to eat lunch at 11:40? #
  • Have one single item in my inbox. It looks so lonely in there, but I’m moving on to other projects. #
  • Feel like Sushi for dinner but don’t know how many points it’d be. #
  • About an hour to go until the weekend is officially here. #
  • RT @BuildingCamelot: 100 Foods To Aid in Your Productivity #
  • Shutterfly running very slow. C’mon Shutterfly! I need to add this batch to my work’s gallery so I can go home in 20 minutes. #
  • Anyone else running the #Twhirl beta getting doubling spaces? I hit 1 space & 2 appear. Seems to be random, not everytime. Quite annoying. #
  • Other than the doubling spaces thing, I’m loving the #Twhirl beta. #
  • Interesting how Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood showed a nipple in the context of breastfeeding while Facebook bans them. #

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