Aloha Friday: It’s NHL’s Birthday and He’ll Party If He Wants To

This Sunday, we will celebrate NHL’s 7th birthday. As we’ve done every year, we’ll throw him a birthday party. Nothing big and flashy, mind you. Only close family will be there, not giant groups of kids. His Phineas and Ferb theming doesn’t mean a rented party hall remade to resemble Perry’s secret lair. Instead, we’ll have a cake, some Phineas and Ferb figurines that we already own, and some themed plates/napkins.

Of course, NHL’s reaching the age where he will want to start having parties with his friends. This will mean that we will need to start inviting other (non-family) kids NHL’s age. We will need to seek venues other than B’s parents’ house (e.g. bowling alleys). We may even need to plan entertainment.

Growing up, I didn’t have many birthday parties. My parents threw one for my sister and I (since our birthdays are a mere 6 days apart) when I was about NHL’s age. The party went fine, except for the clown my parents hired. All the kids gathered in close to watch his act and got in close for a good view. Everyone, that is, except for my sister and I. We birthday kids were pushed to the back where we had a lousy view.

Ever since then, we didn’t have any birthday parties. Instead, my mother would take my sister and I out to Friendly’s for lunch and ice cream. I’m not complaining, those lunches were special to me, but it does mean that I’m birthday-party-planning-challenged to some degree.

My Aloha Friday question for today is: Did you have birthday parties growing up? What special memories do you have of your birthdays growing up?

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