Aloha Friday: Away From Kid-Time

As you read this, B and I will be enjoying time in Disney World to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  (This post has been scheduled, however.  Therefore, as I write this, our trip hasn’t begun yet.)  Meanwhile, my boys will be (hopefully) enjoying time with my parents.  Yes, we will be spending 5 days without our kids.  This will be the longest that we’ll both be away from them.  (The second longest was BlogHer last year.)  Part of us will surely be missing them being sweet, cute, and/or excited, but this time will be spent relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. 

The above words were written as we planned for a wonderful 10th anniversary trip in Disney without the kids.  Instead, Hurricane Irene hit.  Our original plan was to drive to my parents’ house on Sunday, stay until Tuesday and then fly out leaving my parents in charge of the kids.

Let me repeat part of that.  The original plan was to drive to my parents’ house on Sunday.  My parents’ house on Long Island.  My parents’ house on Long Island that Irene was bearing down on.  Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

Then, we decided to wait for Monday to see whether we should cancel or go.   However, attempting to plan for two very different scenarios (stuck at home for a week or away from home for a week) was too stressful.  Plus, if we lost power, we might not be *able* to cancel in time.  We finally decided to cancel and focus on staying safe until Irene passed.

Thankfully, both Disney and Southwest Airlines were great about refunding our money (Disney) and giving us credit for another plane trip (Southwest).  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to take a sans kid romantic vacation sometime soon.

My Aloha Friday question was going to be: What is the longest that you’ve been away from your kids?

Considering that our vacation was cancelled, though, I’ll ask: Have you ever had to change your vacation plans due to weather?

Actually, why not answer both?

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  • So sorry about your trip. I know how much you guys have been looking forward to that. The longest I have been away from my kids is close to 2 weeks I think. It wasn’t for anything fun like a vacation though. I was at the hospital with my best friend and her son who was diagnosed with a brain tumor/cancer. I left the kids with family and rushed the hour away to be with her. The next time was only a few days and again same hospital with my grandma this time who had fallen and broke her neck and had other parkinsons related complications.
    The next time I leave them somewhere for an extended period of time I am definitely going on a vacation nowhere near the hospital!

  • lol it seems like todays’ questions are all geared from my past since my boys are 27 & 25. The 1st vacation we went on without them was 4 days when they were 18 & 16. And the longest I have been away from them is now since they have, not only moved out, but moved out of state.
    Cheryl “Mash” recently posted..Friday MemesMy Profile

  • Hmmmm…. I think you know my answers 😉
    TheAngelForever recently posted..The Trip That Never Was Thanks to Hurricane IreneMy Profile

  • From one techy to another, I’m sorry you had to cancel your vacation. We were at Disney 8/21-26 and were supposed to travel home via the Outer Banks on 8/29. Well, that didn’t happen either. So, yes, we had to change travel plans due to weather. And the longest I’ve personally been away from my kids is 5 nights but it’s only been one night for my husband.
    Hope you get to go to Disney soon!
    Maggie @ Tethered Mommy recently posted..Aloha Friday 9/2My Profile

  • The longest I’ve been away from my kids is 2-3 days. We’ve never had to cancel a vacation because of weather. But, we did have a change of plans due to a sick child. My husband and I were going to Las Vegas for 4 days and the night before our departure our son ended up in the ER with allergy-induced asthma. He came home from the ER having to take breathing treatments every 4 hours for a few days. Needless to say, I didn’t go on the trip. My husband did go on the trip.
    Kari recently posted..Aloha Friday – 24 HoursMy Profile

  • I think 2 nights is the longest away (sad I know)!! Yes we have changed our camping plans this year do to weather and HEAT!!
    MSRheinlander recently posted..Our Wedding Anniversary!My Profile

  • Luckily, never had to do that. Had to cancel birthday parties twice because of sick kids, but never had to change vacation plans so far.

    To answer your first question…the longest was 8 days. But it was not really a vacation…it was just me, not my husband, going back to California to visit my Dad who had just had to be moved to a nursing home, and it was heartbreaking. The longest we’ve been away as a couple was a weekend…and it was glorious. I hope you get to get away soon!
    Gale recently posted..Question Thursday/FridayMy Profile

  • When my kids were small and my parents lived in Fla, we would leave my kids with my parents and go to a boring…I mean…hubby’s convention in Orlando.

    Have a great weekend!
    Harriet recently posted..Bummed… this may be my last weekend to use my poolMy Profile

  • The longest I’ve been away from my kids were probably for an hour or four.

    And I can’t remember having to change plans with weather, but I’m sure we probably had to.

    I hope you get to have another trip that will make up for this one.
    JamericanSpice recently posted..Blogging With Your Mobile Phone – QR-CodeMy Profile

  • I think two days – two terrible days for me, wondering if my LO was forgetting about me, was happier without me, etc.! LOL!
    Jennifer recently posted..Aging – AFMy Profile