Happy Birthday To My Angel

Today is the last day of Chanukah, but there’s something even bigger to celebrate.  Today is the birthday of the most beautiful woman in the world: My wife, aka B, aka TheAngelForever!

In some ways, it’s hard to believe that she’s only been in my life for 11 years.  It feels like forever… and I mean that in a good way.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  I love being around her and every day I watch the clock slowly tick until it’s “go home to see B and the boys” time.  (I love my job, but my coworkers just are no match for my family!)  I love spending lazy weekend mornings in bed with her, seeing how long we can lounge around before the boys storm the bedroom demanding breakfast.

Every day, I try to do everything I can to make her happy.  I only hope I’m making her as happy as she has made me.  She’s a wonderful mother to our kids and wife and friend to me.  Although she’ll deny it left and right, she’s also extremely sexy.  Sorry, B, but despite your protests, you are sexy and I don’t mind shouting it to the world.  MY WIFE IS SEXY!!!!!!  😉

Happy birthday, B.  I love you with all of my heart.

A Festival of Frightful Proportions

On Sunday, we headed over to Six Flags.  We had been meaning to go back there ever since NHL’s incident back in June.  With only a couple of weekends left in the season, we decided to make the trip.  Of course, this time of year, Six Flags parks decorate for Fright Fest.  This means plenty of (phony) spider webs and ghoulish decorations.

P1350227 P1350230 P1350238P1350239 P1350240 P1350242P1350243P1350244P1350492P1350259

There was also lots of candy both of the giant display-only variety and trick-or-treat edible variety.

P1350222 P1350224 P1350250

The kids got to trick or treat a bit and then go on tons of rides.  This was even more fun than our usual summer trips because: 1) we weren’t dying from the heat and 2) the lines were insanely short.  A few rides let NHL and JSL take a second pass without exiting because there simply weren’t that many people waiting on line.  A few times, they were the only ones on the ride!

They were a bit disappointed that the characters weren’t out, but at least Tweety was (dressed as an angel).


Hey, it’s Tweety and NHL Putty Tat…. uh, I mean lion.

After tons of rides, the evening was approaching.  Not only did this mean we would have to leave because it was a school night and we needed to eat dinner, but it meant we had to leave because the scarier elements of Fright Fest were coming out.  There were guys with chain saws wandering around lunging at park goers.  Yes, the chain saws are fake, but they sound real and are scary to little kids.  You could buy your kid a “don’t scare me” necklace for $3 but that sounds like some kind of weird Halloween extortion to me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the chain saw guy as I was busy herding my kids away from him so they wouldn’t get scared.

Even worse, I missed a zombie photo opportunity.  While waiting on our last line, a woman walked…. well, stumbled by with pure white eyes and a sliced up smile.  She was clearly a member of the walking dead.  She would stumble up to people and engage them for a bit before shuffling on.  How I wish I could have jumped off line, leaving B with the boys and gotten a photo of her.  But the way the line was set up (and as close as we were to the front of it), that just wasn’t an option.  After exiting the ride, I looked for her, but she was long gone.  Off to score some choice brains, I suppose.

All in all, it was a great time.  Perhaps we’ll even go back another time in the next week or two before the park shuts down for the winter.

Bouncy Birthday Fun

Over the weekend, we went to see Uncle I, Aunt M, and Cousins S & B for Cousin S’s third birthday party. The boys were surprised to find out that a bounce house was going to be part of the party fun.

At 9am, the bounce house arrived and was set up while the kids played on the swings/slide play area that I & M bought since the last time we were there.

P1330880.JPG P1330891.JPG

Swinging festivities were cut short, though, as the kids became fascinated by the ever-growing bounce house.

P1330914.JPG P1330920.JPG
P1330925.JPG P1330927.JPG

Shoes were kicked off and the bouncing began. JSL was a little hesitant at first, but he soon figured out how much fun a bounce house could be!

P1330994.JPG P1340013.JPG

There were also games of hug-and-fall.

After the party ended, and the kids had left, B, JSL, Cousin S, NHL and I had some special bounce-time where I tried to get shots of everyone in mid-air.

P1340518.JPG P1340549.JPG

The photo of me is blurry, but it was tough shooting conditions. (Darker inside than outside, fast moving subject *AND* shooter moving as well.)

B kept teasing me by doing grand flops…. when I wasn’t ready to take a photo of her. This led to many a blurred photo of an airborne angel but I did manage to snag a few good ones.

P1340397.JPG P1340577.JPG
P1340581.JPG P1340402.JPG

JSL and NHL were sad to see the bounce house go. I see a visit to a local bounce house play area in our future! Thanks, Uncle I and Aunt M for such a fun time and happy birthday Cousin S!

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