#DisneySMMoms 2010 – A Not-So-Impossible-Dinner (Day 5, Part 2)

We arrived back at Epcot after our day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom and made our way to the Disney Social Media Moms dinner. Eventually, we came upon one of the entrances to the gated off area. Of course, we were early and couldn’t enter right away.

I was getting nervous, because we could feel the temperature dropping and the dinner was scheduled to be outside. I was both relieved and troubled when I saw a tweet come through that someone got a seat by a heat lamp. Relieved because Disney had obviously taken steps to protect us from the cold. Troubled because the tweet implied that others were being let in while we were still being kept out. Finally, we were allowed in and we made our way to a table right next to a heat lamp. Score!

The tables all had cool Disney Volunteer themes to them complete with “nutritional labels.”

P1240585.JPG P1240586.JPG
P1240587.JPG P1240528.JPG

After a short wait, it was time to eat. There was a lot of food and plenty for a non-meat eater such as myself. You’ll forgive me if I’ve forgotten some of the dish names in the ensuing months, but rest assured that it all tasted great. In our haste to sample all the wonderful food, we neglected to take photos of much of it. Here are some photos that we did take.

P1240530.JPG P1240531.JPG
P1240532.JPG P1240529.JPG

After the meal came dessert, of course, and Disney didn’t disappoint. It all was so good, especially the warm brownie tort! Sorry, B

P1240536.JPG P1240537.JPG
P1240539.JPG P1240535.JPG

After we were done with dessert, Robert Irvine came out to talk about the Dinner Impossible challenge he had just completed and the Disney volunteers (who the dinner was really about). I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed when, months later upon watching the Dinner Impossible episode, I learned that our food wasn’t really from Robert. Still, given what he made, I think I preferred what Disney offered more.

P1240565.JPG P1240555.JPG

All during dinner and dessert, we had some lovely converation. Besides sitting with Christina (from CutestKidEver), her husband Tom and TJ, we also got to meet Katie from Katie’s Nesting Spot.


After Robert made his exit, we were treated to a mini-concert by Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato.


It was late at this point, though, and both boys were exhausted so we headed back to our hotel room. Of course, this is when we ran into DaddyDigest only to have JSL hurt his arm by sticking it into some metal poles. Luckily, this injury wasn’t bad and we were able to go right to our hotel for some much-needed sleep.

P1240599.JPG P1240601.JPG

#DisneySMMoms 2010 – Bumps and Epcot and Magic Kingdom Oh My! (Day 5, Part 1)

We began Day 5, February 11th, getting the boys and us ready. This was to be a big day. B was headed to the Disney Social Media Moms conference. I, in turn, was going to take the boys with me to Epcot. We weren’t going to be alone, though. We were going to meet up with Tom and TJ while Christina from CutestKidEver went to DisneySMMoms with B.

First, we needed to get breakfast. So we headed to the Polynesian Great Ceremonial House (their main hall) and began surveying our options. After Tom and TJ arrived, I had something selected and we got ready to go. JSL climbed into the stroller and sat down. I began to back up and he decided that this was a good time to get out. He turned around in the seat and, before I could react, slid out of the stroller and slammed his head on the marble floor.

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Aloha Friday: Recreating #DisneySMMoms Recipes

While we were at Disney Social Media Moms, we were included in a dinner along with 400 volunteers. At the time, we thought that the food that we ate was part of a Robert Irvine/Dinner Impossible challenge. Sadly, it turned out not to be the case. The volunteers got Irvine’s food and we “just” got Disney food. I say “just” because the food was exceptional (as is par for the course at Disney). In fact, having seen what Robert Irvine created, I’m happier with what we were served. Still, it would have been cool to have been part of a Dinner Impossible challenge.

One dessert in particular stood out. It was a warm brownie torte that tasted like it was uncooked warm brownie batter (and I mean that in the best possible way). Here’s a photo, although Disney Food Blog has a better one.


We had gotten a couple plates of these and when the boys (who by this point in the night were exhausted) refused it, I ate the second plate. For some reason, my chocolate-brownie-lust overpowered my brain and I only realized too late that I had eaten B’s plate! I vowed to recreate the dish as soon as I saw how it was made on Dinner Impossible. Of course, once the episode aired, it became apparent that this dish wasn’t part of the show. I’m on my own now in recreating it, though I have a few ideas.

My Aloha Friday question for this week is: Have you ever recreated a dish you’ve eaten out somewhere? If so, how successful were you? If you haven’t, is there a particular dish that you’d love to be able to recreate?

Oh, and if anyone has any pointers for recreating this, I’d be happy to hear them.

Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the MckLinky there if you are participating.

Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

Aloha #41

#DisneySMMoms 2010 – Disney Social Media Moms Begins (Day 4, Part 2)

Last week, I ended with our trip to Epcot and leaving Pop Century for DisneySMMoms. After making our way to the Polynesian, we checked in and were told to go to the hospitality area to check in for Disnet Social Media Moms. B went in there while I waited in the hallway with the kids. After awhile, she came out with a ton of swag and we made our way to our room.

P1240226.JPG P1240218.JPG
P1240221.JPG P1240223.JPG

It was quite nice. I’m a fan of Pop Century, but the rooms do tend to run small. (Can’t expect much different from a Value Resort.) The Polynesian’s rooms were huge by comparison. The one criticism I’d have is that all of the buildings looked the same. We had trouble finding our way to our building. At least the Pop Century had different looking buildings.

We marvelled at the room for awhile but had to get ready to go to ESPN Wide World of Sports. We caught up with Christina (CutestKidEver), her husband Tom and son TJ by the bus stop and took the bus with them. This wasn’t your usual Disney bus. The strollers weren’t folded up and carried on board. They were stowed underneath (enough room to stow them unfolded) and we sat an nice, soft seats.

At ESPN Wide World of Sports, we were directed where to go. B and Christina went to the Disney SM Moms area to listen to some presentations while Tom, TJ, NHL, JSL and I went to the "dads and kids" area. They had taken a few of the fields and set up some games to keep the kids busy. They had basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and other sports for the kids to play.

P1240233.JPG P1240234.JPG
P1240235.JPG P1240242.JPG
P1240243.JPG P1240251.JPG

The kids had a blast running around chasing balls. The only glitch was when I went to kick a soccer ball. The grass was slightly wet and my feet went right out from under me and I landed on my read end/back. Getting up, oddly enough, my first thought was "B’s going to kill me if I got grass stains on these jeans!" My second thought was "Am I injured." Luckily, there were no grass stains or injuries.

Soon, it was getting dark and time for us to head in to eat. We made our way to the dining area, parked the stroller and found the table the girls had saved for us. Going with the sports theme, they had peanuts and Cracker Jacks for us to snack on.


Alcoholic beverages, too… trying to get the moms drunk?


The food was mostly meat-based (hamburgers/hot dogs) so there wasn’t much for me, but I made do. Burger bun + cheese meant for cheeseburgers + tomatoes = cheese sandwich. Some fries with cheese sauce & fruit and you’ve got a meal. Later on, they had ice cream including Mickey Bars. YUM!

P1240263.JPG P1240264.JPG
P1240279.JPG P1240274.JPG

Of course, it wouldn’t be Disney if characters didn’t make an appearance. Pluto, Mickey, Minnie and others were on hand. Unfortunately, not all of them stopped by our table. TJ seemed upset about that, but I knew that we would be going with him to Epcot the next day so I told him that I knew where he could go to see Mickey, hoping that would make him feel better. (Nobody should be sad at Disney!)

P1240261.JPG P1240267.JPG

It was late so we gathered our things and started out… until I couldn’t find my camera. I ran back to the table and there it was underneath my chair! WHEW! Two lost things recovered in the same day.

With that crisis averted, we left ESPN and headed for the bus back to our hotel. On the way out, though, we were handed some ESPN hats. Very nice touch. Though it was late, NHL and TJ didn’t conk out but enjoyed some time together on the bus ride back.

P1240283.JPG P1240284.JPG

Then we went back to our hotel rooms and got some sleep. We all had a big day tomorrow. B at Disney Social Media Moms and me with the kids in the parks!

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